ssh: update to OpenSSH 9.2p1


ssh: update to OpenSSH 9.2p1

Release notes are available at https://www.openssh.com/txt/release-9.2

OpenSSH 9.2 contains fixes for two security problems and a memory safety
problem. The memory safety problem is not believed to be exploitable.
These fixes have already been committed to OpenSSH 9.1 in FreeBSD.

Some other notable items from the release notes:

  • ssh(1): add a new EnableEscapeCommandline ssh_config(5) option that controls whether the client-side ~C escape sequence that provides a command-line is available. Among other things, the ~C command-line could be used to add additional port-forwards at runtime.
  • sshd(8): add support for channel inactivity timeouts via a new sshd_config(5) ChannelTimeout directive. This allows channels that have not seen traffic in a configurable interval to be automatically closed. Different timeouts may be applied to session, X11, agent and TCP forwarding channels.
  • sshd(8): add a sshd_config UnusedConnectionTimeout option to terminate client connections that have no open channels for a length of time. This complements the ChannelTimeout option above.
  • sshd(8): add a -V (version) option to sshd like the ssh client has.
  • scp(1), sftp(1): add a -X option to both scp(1) and sftp(1) to allow control over some SFTP protocol parameters: the copy buffer length and the number of in-flight requests, both of which are used during upload/download. Previously these could be controlled in sftp(1) only. This makes them available in both SFTP protocol clients using the same option character sequence.
  • ssh-keyscan(1): allow scanning of complete CIDR address ranges, e.g. "ssh-keyscan". If a CIDR range is passed, then it will be expanded to all possible addresses in the range including the all-0s and all-1s addresses. bz#976
  • ssh(1): support dynamic remote port forwarding in escape command-line's -R processing. bz#3499

Approved by: re (cperciva)
Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation

(cherry picked from commit f374ba41f55c1a127303d92d830dd58eef2f5243)
(cherry picked from commit 2f43f145825d0d8468f583b1686262b0f40c1fe5)


emasteAuthored on Feb 6 2023, 9:54 PM
rG26b9c45c8f65: ssh: fix SIZEOF_TIME_T #define on i386