contrib/bsddialog: Import version 1.0.2


contrib/bsddialog: Import version 1.0.2

Implicitly import also 1.0.1, both versions are for fixing and
feature requests.

Change --mixedform behavior to fix a bsdinstall fault avoiding
to change the command line in wlanconfig.

Feature requests:

  • Add keys to navigate menus.
  • Add key to redraw dialogs.
  • Avoid to handle env NCURSES_NO_UTF8_ACS in PuTTY.

See '2024-04-11 Version 1.0.2' and '2023-11-16 Version 1.0.1' in
/usr/src/contrib/bsddialog/CHANGELOG for more detailed information.

PR: 274472
Differential Revision: D42380

Merge commit 'be8846bd9e069f4a6bea3d769005bea96cf43990'