ota: Merge one true awk 20240422 (a3b68e649d2d)


ota: Merge one true awk 20240422 (a3b68e649d2d)

Apr 22, 2024:
fixed regex engine gototab reallocation issue that was
introduced during the Nov 24 rewrite. Thanks to Arnold Robbins.
Fixed a scan bug in split in the case the separator is a single
character. thanks to Oguz Ismail for spotting the issue.

Mar 10, 2024:
fixed use-after-free bug in fnematch due to adjbuf invalidating
the pointers to buf. thanks to github user caffe3 for spotting
the issue and providing a fix, and to Miguel Pineiro Jr.
for the alternative fix.
MAX_UTF_BYTES in fnematch has been replaced with awk_mb_cur_max.
thanks to Miguel Pineiro Jr.

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