ports-mgmt/poudriere-devel: Update to 3.3.0-1744-g3f33775b09


ports-mgmt/poudriere-devel: Update to 3.3.0-1744-g3f33775b09

Major Changes:

  • jail: Fix pkgbase jail creation Syntax is now: -m pkgbase=latest -U https://url...
  • image: Fix setting hostname when crossbuilding images
  • Support overlays by using PKGCATEGORY rather than CATEGORIES
  • testport/bulk -i: Fix for recent motd and root shell changes
  • testport/bulk -i: Support ${INTERACTIVE_SHELL} (sh or csh)
  • New test framework changes / 77 new tests (36 pkgbuild tests)
  • More shell builtins, a lot of framework updates, runtime asserts, some form of stack traces on errors
  • cpdup support for copy_file_range(2)
  • bulk: Add MUTUALLY_EXCLUSIVE_BUILD_PACKAGES (prevent rust+gcc+llvm building concurrently)
  • bulk build queue major rework
  • package fetch fixes for ABI
  • jail -l: Show __FreeBSD_version
  • bulk: Add FORCE_REBUILD_PACKAGES to allow rebuilding packges like pkg more easily
  • Web: Show git hash and overlays
  • Major process handling changes. No longer using pids for tracking; now using internal jobs identifiers
  • Blacklist/MOVED FLAVOR handling fixes
  • Subpackages - some fixes but incremental build remains broken
  • jail -c -m allbsd: removed
  • ports -d: -y added to not ask for confirmation
  • testport: don't delete /compat/linux
  • bulk/testport: -S removed - this was a hack. The functionality you actually want is coming in the next -devel update. See #822 on github
  • Allow PREFIX/poudriere.d/ports to be a symlink
  • QEMU error msg improvement
  • jail: use make.conf in jail creation


bdreweryAuthored on Apr 18 2024, 8:43 PM
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