build: provide a default WARNS for all in-tree builds


build: provide a default WARNS for all in-tree builds

The current default is provided in various Makefile.inc in some top-level
directories and covers a good portion of the tree, but doesn't cover parts
of the build a little deeper (e.g. libcasper).

Provide a default in src.sys.mk and set WARNS to it in bsd.sys.mk if that
variable is defined. This lets us relatively cleanly provide a default WARNS
no matter where you're building in the src tree without breaking things
outside of the tree.

Crunchgen has been updated as a bootstrap tool to work on this change
because it needs r365605 at a minimum to succeed. The cleanup necessary to
successfully walk over this change on WITHOUT_CLEAN builds has been added.

There is a supplemental project to this to list all of the warnings that are
encountered when the environment has WARNS=6 NO_WERROR=yes:
https://warns.kevans.dev -- this project will hopefully eventually go away
in favor of CI doing a much better job than it.

Reviewed by: emaste, brooks, ngie (all earlier version)
Reviewed by: emaste, arichardson (depend-cleanup.sh change)
Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D26455


kevansAuthored on Sep 18 2020, 5:17 PM
R10:f9cc8410e16a: vm_ooffset_t is now unsigned