AMD-vi: Fix IOMMU device interrupts being overridden


AMD-vi: Fix IOMMU device interrupts being overridden

Currently, AMD-vi PCI-e passthrough will lead to the following lines in
"kernel: CPU0: local APIC error 0x40
ivhd0: Error: completion failed tail:0x720, head:0x0."

After some tracing, the problem is due to the interaction with
amdvi_alloc_intr_resources() and pci_driver_added(). In ivrs_drv, the
identification of AMD-vi IVHD is done by walking over the ACPI IVRS
table and ivhdX device_ts are added under the acpi bus, while there are
no driver handling the corresponding IOMMU PCI function. In
amdvi_alloc_intr_resources(), the MSI intr are allocated with the ivhdX
device_t instead of the IOMMU PCI function device_t. bus_setup_intr() is
called on ivhdX. the IOMMU pci function device_t is only used for
pci_enable_msi(). Since bus_setup_intr() is not called on IOMMU pci
function, the IOMMU PCI function device_t's dinfo->cfg.msi is never
updated to reflect the supposed msi_data and msi_addr. So the msi_data
and msi_addr stay in the value 0. When pci_driver_added() tried to loop
over the children of a pci bus, and do pci_cfg_restore() on each of
them, msi_addr and msi_data with value 0 will be written to the MSI
capability of the IOMMU pci function, thus explaining the errors in

This change includes an amdiommu driver which currently does attaching,
detaching and providing DEVMETHODs for setting up and tearing down
interrupt. The purpose of the driver is to prevent pci_driver_added()
from calling pci_cfg_restore() on the IOMMU PCI function device_t.
The introduction of the amdiommu driver handles allocation of an IRQ
resource within the IOMMU PCI function, so that the dinfo->cfg.msi is

This has been tested on EPYC Rome 7282 with Radeon 5700XT GPU.

Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation
Reviewed by: jhb
Approved by: philip (mentor)
MFC after: 2 weeks
Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D28984


khngAuthored on Mar 22 2021, 9:33 AM
Differential Revision
D28984: AMD-vi: Fix IOMMU device interrupts being overridden
R10:ede14736fd6d: ivrs_drv: Fix IVHDs with duplicated BaseAddress

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