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[upgrading] igor -Ry and some other rewording and fixes.

Authored by mat on Aug 20 2014, 3:09 PM.

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<acronym> tags on FTP.

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It would be better not to mention the particular bug tracking software. Also probably should mention it by both names: the PR or bug database.

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send-pr is gone.

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Break sentence on semicolon.

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Break sentence on semicolon.

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The paren must not be followed by a space.

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s/how a port must be,/the structure of a port,/

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s/Patch/The patch/

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Could probably remove "The Files" here.

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s/documented this in this/documented in this/

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"As shown, the command will only work with ..."

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s/This will work with both/Instead, use the form shown below, which will work with both/

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s/New entries must be added to/New entries are added to/

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with the latest entries first.</para>

Update with wblock's comments

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Oh, I did not know that, still use it myself 0:-)

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So I guess the problem-reports article should be updated too, to trim all the references to using send-pr.

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Maybe igor should try to detect that, and tell people they should make separate sentences ?

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This is hard to understand. I think it is trying to say "make sure that the ports tree on the local machine is current, because the port might have already been upgraded. The most recent version of ports can be found..."

But that part about where they can be found is kind of obsolete. People now should just look in the repo.

"When a port is not the most recent version available from the authors, update the local working copy of <filename>/usr/ports</filename>. The port might have already been updated to the new version."

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s/the searching/searching/

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Serial comma: s/moving/moving,/

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The addition helps, but I also meant to remove the rest of the paragraph.

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Please build-test and commit.

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