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New Port: textproc/smi

Authored by junovitch on Sep 4 2015, 1:13 PM.


New Port: textproc/smi
Smi is a Simple Markup Interpreter / filter for simplified Markup dialect.
smi can be fed text in Markdown, and return HTML output.  smi can be fed
HTML, and return the markup translated to entities.  I use smi as a filter
for devel/cgit to parse the files, returning HTML output.  I am
also using it to markup wiki pages, for a git backed wiki.  The use cases
are limited only by your imagination.


PR:		196224
Submitted by:	Chris Hutchinson <>
Approved by:	feld|delphij|pgollucci (mentor)
Test Plan


portlint -AC

looks fine.

The port appears to convert markdown to HTML as intended.

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use ${PORTNAME} instead of smi -- less churn if the software is ever renamed

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I opened up the I personally would prefer to be a bit more specific on this REINPLACE in the event that somehow "cc" ends up elsewhere in the file (unlikely, but I'm paranoid). It also has "g" for global replace, but you really only intend to replace it once... get what I mean?

Also, there's the following in

# paths
PREFIX = /usr/local
MANPREFIX = ${PREFIX}/share/man

/usr/local shouldn't be hardcoded and neither should MANPREFIX as these are fully configurable in the ports tree.

I'm curious to know if this thing would be perfectly happy with changing CC = to CC ?=, etc. If so, you could just do something like:

@${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|^CC =|CC ?=|' -e 's|^PREFIX =|PREFIX ?=|' -e 's|^MANPREFIX =|MANPREFIX ?=|' ${WRKSRC}/
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Noted. I'll address these and follow up at a later date.

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Much of this appeared to be a hold over from the original textproc/smu port ( that this is based on. If this is approved, I'll push the suggestions over to the textproc/smu maintainer as they are valid there.

The upstream went to Github just before the PR was submitted in December 2014. Keeping all the legacy probably made sense then Chris said he has been working new features he intended to get in after this port was added. If that is the case, he can address them in the smi port code rather than needing to address this in ports.

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The ?= is a shell parse error on the port but I've addressed the intent of this. I've tested with PREFIX=/opt and CC=gcc48 in my make.conf and validated that this does the right thing.

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