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archivers/zlib-ng, archivers/minizip-ng: New ports

Authored by lbartoletti on Jan 6 2022, 5:52 AM.



Import minizip-ng and zlib-ng

Minizip was originally developed in 1998. It was first included in the zlib
distribution as an additional code contribution starting in zlib 1.1.2. Since
that time, it has been continually improved upon and contributed to by many

+ Creating and extracting zip archives.
+ Adding and removing entries from zip archives.
+ Read and write raw zip entry data.
+ Reading and writing zip archives from memory.
+ Zlib, BZIP2, LZMA, and ZSTD compression methods.
+ Password protection through Traditional PKWARE and WinZIP AES encryption.
+ Buffered streaming for improved I/O performance.

some ports bundle it, some ports allow building against a systemwide
one, some ports bundle/rely on an incompatible version - all those will be
fixed in following commits.

Will use internal minizip:

  • devel/collada-dom
  • textproc/sigil
  • games/mrboom
  • misc/xiphos
  • net-im/psi
  • multimedia/assimp
  • net-im/telegram-desktop
  • graphics/comical (and internal unrar)

Will use archivers/minizip-ng:

  • databases/spatialite
  • databases/spatialite-tools
  • devel/axmldec
  • science/libkml
  • www/domoticz
  • multimedia/vlc
  • games/oolite
  • deskutils/anydesk
Test Plan
  • poudriere 13 amd64 OK
  • I'll ask for an exp-run

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