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net/pecl-xmlrpc: New(ish) port net/pecl-xmlrpc

Authored by on Mar 14 2021, 7:27 PM.
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Bring back net/php7X-xmlrpc from the new pecl xmlrpc package [1].

xmlrpc extension was removed from php 7.4 [2] then later brougth back
as the pecl xmlrpc package. A direct copy from the php 7.4 source.

Place xmlrpc back in to Mk/Uses/ _USE_PHP_ALL. Add logic to select
the proper xmlrpc php extension port base off version.

Test Plan
  • poudriere testport
  • make test on both new port and net/php74-xmlrpc compare results
  • Build a port that uses USES_PHP=xmlrpc with DEFAULT_VERSIONS and default php version 7.4 to confirm the proper port is added to the DEPENDS.

Running the same 'make test' vs net/php74-xmlrpc you see the same test results: 35 tests. 2 skipped. 16 failed. 17 passed. I believe these are issues with the upstream tests and nothing new.

Using poudriere testport with a j-p-z-make.conf with DEFAULT_VERSIONS=php=80 and a port that uses USES_PHP=xmlrpc (www/tt-rss) net/pecl-xmlrpc is properly pulled in vs when not setting DEFAULT_VERSIONS php74 version is used.

TEST_ENV= added compared to net/php74-xmlrpc because php unittest appears to be interactive and ask for user input to send data upstream. I'm wondering if this should be default in ports frameworks when running php units with run-tests.php

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I have not tested it in detail, but at a first glance, it looks good. :) Good work!

I have added ale to the tester list. We need his approval for the part. :)

Besides this, I will happily commit it after testing. :)

Looks good!

@ale: what do you think?

No objections from me

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