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graphics/py-Pyganim: create port

Authored by xmj on Jun 24 2015, 5:19 AM.


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graphics/py-pyganim: create port
Pyganim (pronounced like "pig" and "animation") is a Python module for Pygame
that makes it easy to add sprite animations to your Pygame game programs.
Pyganim works with Python 2 and Python 3.

The mascot of Pyganim is a red vitruvian pig.

Pyganim was written by Al Sweigart and released under a "Simplified BSD"
license. Contact Al with any questions/bug reports:

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portlint: looks fine
poudriere: ok

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Lowercase P

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Sure its a BUILD_DEPENDS, and not just RUN?

I can't see pygame declared at upstream at all, let alone setup_requires

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Upstream has test_suite declared [1]. Add regression-test target to run it


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This is for consistency with Upstream name.

"PORTNAME MUST be equal to <PyPI-name> "


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No. I've asked the maintainer which BSD license it is, and he said 2-clause.


Subject: Re: Pyganim BSD license
From: Al Sweigart <>
To: Johannes Jost Meixner <>

Hi Johannes. It's under the Simplified 2-paragraph BSD license. I'll
make this more apparent in the docs. Thanks! Feel free to email me if
you have any questions about it.

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Yes, because it doesn't build otherwise.

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fix things

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fix all of the things

  • patch out patching-out of
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