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deskutils/gcalcli: Update to 4.0.4

Authored by kai on Apr 20 2019, 1:38 PM.


  • Remove options FUZZYDATE, SIMPLEJSON and DOCS:
    • devel/py-parsedatetime is now explicitly required
    • devel/py-simplejson is no longer used since 3.2
    • The supplied documentation didn't contain useful information
  • Simplify the Makefile by using Python's distutils to build the port
  • Flavorize the port (Note: Please take a look a "Test Plan")

While I'm here:

  • Add location to the license file

Changelog since 3.4.0:

  • Minor bugfixes: conky colors, issues with
  • Major code refactor: modularity, testing, PEP8 compliance
  • Bugfixes for issues reported during alpha phase
  • Multiday events support
  • Fix textwrap for widechar at cut index
  • Fix errors attempting to import events
  • No weekend option
  • Fixed bug with add and iterators
  • Deal with more encoding issues...
  • Get error from JSON object
  • Support for Python3 via six
  • Move from gflags to argparse (This is a major, non-backwards compatible change (hence the roll up to v4))

PR: 236707
Submitted by: Henrik Hudson
Approved by: (one of the mentors)

Test Plan
  • poudriere (11.2-, 12.0-RELEASE, 13.0-CURRENT@r346346 amd64 + i386) for each py27 + py36 flavor -> OK
  • portlint -> OK
  • Runtime tests -> OK

Minor fixes from the original patch:

  • Added "concurrent" to USE_PYTHON
  • Sort variables a bit

My questions are now:
The current package name ist simply "gcalcli" as the port is still limited to Python 2.7. When the patch will be committed it will produce two packages -> py27-gcalcli and py36-gcalcli .

For the case, if flavorization of the port is ok:

  • Adding an entry to UPDATING would make sense to give some information that the package name has changed?
  • Do we need to rename the directory of the port from devel/gcalcli to devel/py-gcalcli to reflect the flavorization? (implies also an entry for MOVED)

For the case, if flavorization doesn't make sense (Python 3.6 is now the new default and Python 2.7 will be EOL until the end of the year) and because the port is used as an application, not library:

  • Limit it to Python 3.5+
  • Add "noflavors"

Which approach would be the better one?

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