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mail/sympa: Update to 6.2.42

Authored by kai on Apr 16 2019, 6:12 PM.


  • Introduce new option for SQLite support
  • Modernize the options regarding the database types
  • Define MYSQL and FASTCGI as new default options (formely: APACHE instead of FASTCGI and PGSQL if DB_TYPE in make.conf was set to it)

While I'm here:

  • Fix the license and add the location to the license file
  • Convert the usage to GH_TUPLE to USE_GITHUB/GH_ACCOUNT as GH_TUPLE is not meant for the default distribution file.
  • Remove no longer required CONFLICTS because mail/sympa5 no longer exists in the Ports tree
  • Remove SUB_LIST because the variables are no longer referenced in one of the files defined in SUB_FILES
  • Sort variables a bit to place them to their intended locations

Changelog since 6.2.36:

  • Built-in authentication: RC4 reversible encryption of password storage in database was dropped. To rehash encrypted passwords, see "Upgrading notes"
  • Format of session cookie was changed. Session cookies generated with earlier releases will be invalidated.
  • Authorization scenarios: The "default" scenario files named *.default (regular file or symbolic link) are no longer available. See also "Upgrading notes".
  • Files for message footer and header were renamed to message_footer and message_header.
  • WWSympa: LDAP authentication will no longer perform search operation twice. Now it retrieves entry for the user by a search operation at once, then checks if account is available by a bind operation.
  • WWSympa: Feature of sympa_altemails cookie was removed. alternative_email_attribute parameter in auth.conf was deprecated.
  • Primary auth.conf, crawlers_detection.conf and trusted_applications.conf will be used by non-primary domains by default. Previously primary ones were omitted.
  • Tasks: Task files will be put in tasks subdirectory. Previously they were put in global_task_models or list_task_models subdirectory. Older task files will be automatically copied to new places during upgrading process.

8 Oracle Database: There is a change on usage of db_host parameter. See "Upgrading notes" and instruction for details.

  • WWSympa: Login form was refactored. Some templates including web_tt2/login.tt2 and web_tt2/login_menu.tt2 were changed.
  • Now the lists with bounce addresses can not be created. Addresses with local part "bounce" or prefix "bounce+" are used for bounce management and should not be used as list addresses.

Implemented enhancements:

  • Refactoring on mail templates
  • Feature request: add a "global" mail signature
  • Adding ARC support

Fixed bugs:

  • SSO session refresh won't reset WWSympa's session
  • Long email addresses in system messages might be folded
  • Moderation process on the lists with obsoleted parameter host fails
  • File extension may contain spaces by using gettext_strftime()
  • WWSympa: Loading home page takes long time
  • WWSympa: Older CSS files would be cleared

Closed issues:

  • Bug in logic. Password is in md5 format, not rehashing

Merged pull requests:

  • Allow to use Gitlab CI

PR: 237108
Submitted by: Geoffroy Desvernay (maintainer)
Approved by: (one of the mentors)

Test Plan
  • poudriere (11.2-, 12.0-RELEASE, 13.0-CURRENT@r346132 amd64 + i386) -> OK (with/without MYSQL/SQLITE/PGSQL/DOCS/EXAMPLES/APACHE/FASTCGI)
  • portlint -AC -> OK (gives warnings about NLS and missing depends for options FASTCGI + MYSQL)
  • Runtime tests with SQLite -> OK

Minor fixes not listed in the summary unter "While I'm here":

  • Removed "+" from APACHE_USES

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