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New port: devel/remotery: Single file, realtime CPU/GPU profiler library with remote web viewer
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Authored by 0mp on Fri, Feb 1, 4:03 PM.


New port: devel/remotery: Single file, realtime CPU/GPU profiler library with remote web viewer

Remotery is a realtime CPU/GPU profiler hosted in a single C file with a
viewer that runs in a web browser.

- Lightweight instrumentation of multiple threads running on the CPU.
- Web viewer that runs in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Custom WebSockets
  server transmits sample data to the browser on a latent thread.
- Profiles itself and shows how it's performing in the viewer.
- Console output for logging text.
- Console input for sending commands to your game.


Also, I've upstreamed one of the patches:

Test Plan
  • portlint
  • poudriere testport on 11.2, 12.0 and 13.0-CURRENT
  • the example file compiles and runs just fine with the web viewer

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Buildable 22518
Build 21665: arc lint + arc unit

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0mp created this revision.Fri, Feb 1, 4:03 PM
0mp edited the summary of this revision. (Show Details)Fri, Feb 1, 4:04 PM
0mp added inline comments.

I am not sure about this one, though. Should it live in /usr/local/include? There are some Xorg .c files living under /usr/local/include already...

mat added inline comments.Fri, Feb 1, 4:37 PM

Well the fact that other people were careless and put crap somewhere does not mean you have to do like them :-p

Is the .c used, or is it only a .h "library"?

Shouldn't it be compiled maybe?

0mp added inline comments.Wed, Feb 13, 11:36 PM

.c is used. It is not really a single-header library.

I may compile the example with its default options to make it easier for the users to test it out. The .c file has to be installed anyway, however.

I think that it should go into a data dir...

mat added inline comments.Thu, Feb 14, 11:32 AM

It probably should, yes.

0mp updated this revision to Diff 53958.Fri, Feb 15, 11:31 AM
  • Update to the lastest version (upstreamed patches)
  • Compile the sample program and install it with examples
  • Replace NO_BUILD with an empty do-build target so that post-build-EXAMPLES-on is run
mat added inline comments.Fri, Feb 15, 11:42 AM

Please add a comment WHY you have an empty target.

0mp updated this revision to Diff 53960.Fri, Feb 15, 12:41 PM
  • Readd changes to devel/Makefile
  • Explain the empty do-build target