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[net80211] add A-MSDU hardware decap sequence number range checking This is part one of a multi-part series aimed at supporting hardware decap'ed A-MSDU frames. Hardware decap'ed A-MSDU frames have a variety of unfun behaviours: * for now, they...
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Authored by adrian on Aug 29 2017, 11:22 PM.



...all pretend to be individual 802.11 frames, with ..

  • .. the same sequence number;
  • .. the same CCMP PN;
  • .. the same TKIP countermeasures, etc;
  • and when they're A-MPDU encap'ed, they /also/ need to be queued together in the same RX slot and then dequeued together as a group so the A-MPDU bits are kept in-order.

So, the stack has to grow support for all of the above.

This is phase 1 - add support for the non A-MPDU path to grow A-MSDU
decap support. I'm still in the middle of testing it, so bear with me,
but I figure it should show up for some (very!) initial testing.

Initial testing: ath10k STA, will setup an ath10k AP for some traffic

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Shouldn't state availability check included here as well?