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audio/wildmidi: Update to 0.4.1

Authored by ultima on Aug 2 2017, 10:32 PM.


  • Updated to 0.4.1
  • Moved USES to start section block
  • Optimized option helpers
  • Fixed post-patch to install pkgconfig

PR\: 220843
Submitted by\: SimaMoto,RyōTa <> (maintainer)
Reviewed by\: lifanov (mentor), matthew (mentor)
Approved by\: lifanov (mentor), matthew (mentor)
Differential Revision\:

Test Plan

WARN: Makefile: for new port, make $FreeBSD$ tag in comment section empty, to make SVN happy.
WARN: Makefile: "LICENSE_COMB" has to appear earlier.
0 fatal errors and 2 warnings found.


12i386/12amd64 fail without D11829. This will be committed after.

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rP FreeBSD ports repository
Automatic diff as part of commit; lint not applicable.
Automatic diff as part of commit; unit tests not applicable.

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61–63 ↗(On Diff #31500)

I am not quite sure why grep is used. There is only one file passed to it, it would be simpler to drop grep and xargs and only use reinplace_cmd.

Same can be said for the other two grep's, they are not used in a recursive mode, so the grep and xargs should probably be removed.

61–63 ↗(On Diff #31500)

When I scanned this area, had similar thoughts. I'll make a query to the maintainer for more information and add suggested change.

61–63 ↗(On Diff #31500)

Do note that the reason we have an extra step, as in us, between the submitter and the ports tree is so that we can clean up the patches. Also, it is perfectly ok to discuss things with the maintainer, it is also perfectly right to change things out of your own volition.


We reserve the right to modify the maintainer's submission to better match existing policies and style of the Ports Collection without explicit blessing from the submitter or the maintainer.

  • Removed grep piped into xargs
61–63 ↗(On Diff #31500)

Yeah, understood. I'd just like to think that there was a good reason for the unnecessary code, but this turns out to be negative. Was not familiar with the -l / -L options in grep, they are completely redundant for this use of grep.

I'm also not sure what the point of adding the E option and this bit: 'share/man|}/pkgconfig', as they have no effect on output.

61–63 ↗(On Diff #31500)

-E switches from the obsolete regular expressions to the new modern regular expressions, the old syntax does not have the | modifier where (this|that) says this or that. see re_format(7).

In the ports tree, well, in the framework at least, we try to always use modern regular expressions because it removes tons of headache :-)

61–63 ↗(On Diff #31500)

Yeah I'm familiar with regex and the extended regular expression syntax, or at least for the most part, it can get confusing with the different language implementations. I understand that the pipe is unfortunately not included with regular grep, the point I was trying to make is the pipe with additional string in this use case doesn't change the effective output whatsoever, or at least I pretty sure it doesn't.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Aug 7 2017, 9:58 AM
This revision was automatically updated to reflect the committed changes.