mlx5en: Implement backpressure indication.


mlx5en: Implement backpressure indication.

The backpressure indication is implemented using an unlimited rate type of
mbuf send tag. When the upper layers typically the socket layer has obtained such
a tag, it can then query the destination driver queue for the current
amount of space available in the send queue.

A single mbuf send tag may be referenced multiple times and a refcount has been added
to the mlx5e_priv structure to track its usage. Because the send tag resides
in the mlx5e_channel structure, there is no need to wait for refcounts to reach
zero until the mlx4en(4) driver is detached. The channels structure is persistant
during the lifetime of the mlx5en(4) driver it belongs to and can so be accessed
without any need of synchronization.

The mlx5e_snd_tag structure was extended to contain a type field, because there are now
two different tag types which end up in the driver which need to be distinguished.

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Approved by: hselasky (mentor)
MFC after: 1 week
Sponsored by: Mellanox Technologies


slavashAuthored on
rS341585: mlx5en: Improve configuration of HW LRO.