MFC r276428:


MFC r276428:
Replace bhyve's minimal RTC emulation with a fully featured one in vmm.ko.

MFC r276432:
Initialize all fields of 'struct vm_exception exception' before passing it
to vm_inject_exception().

MFC r276763:
Clear blocking due to STI or MOV SS in the hypervisor when an instruction is
emulated or when the vcpu incurs an exception.

MFC r277149:
Clean up usage of 'struct vm_exception' to only to communicate information
from userspace to vmm.ko when injecting an exception.

MFC r277168:
Fix typo (missing comma).

MFC r277309:
Make the error message explicit instead of just printing the usage if the
virtual machine name is not specified.

MFC r277310:
Simplify instruction restart logic in bhyve.

MFC r277359:
Fix a bug in libvmmapi 'vm_copy_setup()' where it would return success even
if the 'gpa' was in the guest MMIO region.

MFC r277360:
MOVS instruction emulation.

MFC r277626:
Add macro to identify AVIC capability (advanced virtual interrupt controller)
in AMD processors.

MFC r279220:
Don't close a block context if it couldn't be opened avoiding a null deref.

MFC r279225:
Add "-u" option to bhyve(8) to indicate that the RTC should maintain UTC time.

MFC r279227:
Emulate MSR 0xC0011024 when running on AMD processors.

MFC r279228:
Always emulate MSR_PAT on Intel processors and don't rely on PAT save/restore
capability of VT-x. This lets bhyve run nested in older VMware versions that
don't support the PAT save/restore capability.

MFC r279540:
Fix warnings/errors when building vmm.ko with gcc.