Update to 2020e


Update to 2020e

Changes to future timestamps:

Volgograd switches to Moscow time on 2020-12-27 at 02:00.

Changes to past timestamps:

Correct many pre-1986 transitions, fixing entries originally
derived from Shanks. The fixes include:

  • Australia: several 1917 through 1971 transitions
  • Bahamas: several 1941 through 1945 transitions
  • Bermuda: several 1917 through 1956 transitions
  • Belize: several 1942 through 1968 transitions
  • Ghana: several 1915 through 1956 transitions
  • Israel and Palestine: several 1940 through 1985 transitions
  • Kenya and adjacent: several 1908 through 1960 transitions
  • Nigeria and adjacent: correcting LMT in Lagos, and several 1905 through 1919 transitions
  • Seychelles: the introduction of standard time in 1907, not 1906
  • Vanuatu: DST in 1973-1974, and a corrected 1984 transition

Because of the Australia change, Australia/Currie (King Island) is
no longer needed, as it is identical to Australia/Hobart for all
timestamps since 1970 and was therefore created by mistake.
Australia/Currie has been moved to the 'backward' file and its
corrected data moved to the 'backzone' file.

Changes to past time zone abbreviations and DST flags:

To better match legislation in Turks and Caicos, the 2015 shift to
year-round observance of -04 is now modeled as AST throughout before
returning to Eastern Time with US DST in 2018, rather than as
maintaining EDT until 2015-11-01.


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