mail/dovecot, mail/dovecot-pigeonhole: upgrade to 2.3.8 and 0.5.8 respectively.


mail/dovecot, mail/dovecot-pigeonhole: upgrade to 2.3.8 and 0.5.8 respectively.

release notes:

+ Added mail_delivery_started and mail_delivery_finished events, see
https://doc.dovecot.org/admin_manual/list_of_events/ for details.
+ dsync-replication: Don't replicate users who have "noreplicate" extra
field in userdb.
+ doveadm service status: Show total number of processes created.
+ When logging to syslog, use instance_name setting's value for the
ident. This commonly is added as a log prefix.
+ Base64 encoding/decoding code was rewritten with additional features.
It shouldn't cause any user visible changes.

  • v2.3.7 regression: If a folder only receives new mails without any

other mail access, dovecot.index.log keeps growing forever and
dovecot.index keeps being rewritten for every mail delivery.

  • dsync-replication may lose keywords after syncing mails restored from

another replica. This only happened if the mail only had keywords and no
system flags.

  • event filters: Non-textual event fields could not be filtered using


  • auth: Scope parameter was missing from OAuth password grant request.
  • doveadm client-server communication may hang in some situations. It is

also using unnecessarily small TCP/IP packet sizes.

  • doveadm who and kick did not flush protocol output correctly.
  • imap: SETMETADATA with literal value would delete the metadata value

instead of updating it.

  • imap: When client issues FETCH PREVIEW (LAZY=FUZZY) command, the

caching decisions should be updated so that newly saved mails will have
the preview cached.

  • With mail_nfs_index=yes and/or mail_nfs_storage=yes setuid/setgid

permission bits in some files may have become dropped with some NFS
servers. Changed NFS flushing to now use chmod() instead of chown().

  • quota: warnings did not work if quota root was noenforcing
  • acl: Global ACL file ignored the last line if it didn't end with LF.
  • doveadm stats dump: With JSON formatter output numbers using the

number type instead of as strings

  • lmtp_proxy: Ensure that real_* variables are correctly set when using


  • event exporter: http-post driver had hardcoded timeout and did not

support DNS lookups or TLS connections.

  • auth: Fix user iteration to work with userdb passwd with glibc v2.28.
  • auth: auth service can crash if auth-policy JSON response is invalid

or returned too fast.

  • In some rare situations "ps" output could have shown a lot of "?"

characters after Dovecot process titles.

  • When dovecot.index.pvt is empty, an unnecessary error is logged: Error: .../dovecot.index.pvt reset, view is now inconsistent
  • SMTP address encoder duplicated initial double quote character when

the localpart of an address ended in '..'. For example
"user+..@example.com" became ""user+.."@example.com in a

sieve redirect.


  • Sieve may leak resources in rare cases when a redirect, vacation or

report action fails to send the message. This mainly applies when Sieve
is executed in IMAP context; i.e., for the IMAPSIEVE or FILTER=SIEVE


lerAuthored on
rP514105: MFH: r513820