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Update to

August -

  • Added the Es'hail / QO-100 satellite.
  • UI: Satellite list, propagation modes and others are now shown sorted. (TNX Isabel)
  • UI: Added default values to the infoWidget (Continent, Prefix, CQ, ITU...). (TNX Isabel)
  • UI: RX/TX Freq in Satellite tab are also in red/black depending on the frequency being out/in of ham bands.
  • UI: Mode selected is now changing the RST format and default values for some modes.
  • Bugfix: Editing a QSO to remove a comment was not properly working. (TNX Isabel)
  • Bugfix: Worked & Confirmed QSO numbers are now aligned in the Awards tab. (TNX Isabel)
  • Bugfix: KLog.pro is now fixed to compile in Linux. (TNX KB2YSI)
  • Bugfix: Improved how the DXMarathon was managed when disabled.
  • Bugfix: Improved how DXCC Award was updated after one QSO was added. (TNX Isabel)
  • Fixed a bug in the SQL update database.

August - 0.9.8

  • New feature: Basic Hamlib support.
  • Fixed a bug in the SQL update database.
  • Fixed a bug in the DXCCWidget.
  • Fixed a bug in the QSO per hour stats.
  • Added the FT4 mode.
  • Updated translations: Catalan (TNX Txema), Danish (TNX Joe), Finnish (TNX Kristjan), French (F4HWL), German (TNX Burkhard), Spanish (EA4TV).

March -

  • TODO: Remove the band 0 / Light from the DB.
  • UI: KLog warns the user if the frequency used is out of the hamradio bands.
  • Reworked how freqs and bands are managed.

Reported by: portscout


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rP511600: Update bogofilter to 1.2.5.r1, add new database variants.