update MooseFS to 3.0.101


update MooseFS to 3.0.101

  • MooseFS 3.0.101-1 (2018-07-12)
    • (master) make under goal replications respect topology (patch made by tclh123)
    • (master) fix inforec undergoal (patch made by tclh123)
    • (cgiserv) fixed handling connection close during data sending (leaving active pipes which caused leaving mfs.cgi subprocesses)
    • (mount) decreased memory usage (fixed handling buffers allocated per thread)
    • (all) setting correct errno when read returns 0 (in sockets.c)
    • (mount) fixed double free of plock_data structure
    • (master) fixed inconsistency in calculating realsize when storage class definition has changed
    • (master+mount) fixed handling read-only filesystems (ro flag in exports and lookup-open lflags)
    • (all) fixed differences in defaults between source, config and manpages
    • (all) added 'nobreak' macro to explicitly inform compiler that intentionally there is no 'break' before following 'case'
    • (mount) added 'mfssuid' and 'mfsdev' options to mount (allows mounting with suid/dev options using system mount on Linux)
    • (cs) added using posix_fadvise(...DONTNEED) for tested chunks
    • (master) fixed HA bug (uninitialized variable might cause everlasting ELECT - PRO only)
    • (cs) fixed metaid handling
    • (master) added clearing SNAPHSOT eattr on file/directory modifications
    • (master) added optional same rack preference for destination server during undergoal replications
    • (mount+tools) increased masterproxy timeout from 1s to 20s

PR: 229999
Submitted by: freebsd@moosefs.org (maintainer)


lifanovJul 24 2018, 3:44 AM
rP475222: fix symlinks for ansible when non-default version is installed