Removed dependancy on uneeded git


Removed dependancy on uneeded git
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All notable changes to GNU Radio will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog
and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning, starting with version

Older Logs can be found in docs/RELEASE-NOTES-*.

[] - 2018-06-13

    1. Fixed
      1. Project Scope
  • For non-C++11 compilers, the new cstdint include doesn't work out; conditionalized it.

[] - 2018-05-31

    1. Fixed
      1. Project Scope
  • Actually bumped version in CMakeLists.txt to; the tag was tagged off-branch; maintainer failure to simultaneously push a commit that raises the internal version number to this had to be reverted ASAP.

[] - 2018-05-31

    1. Fixed
      1. Project Scope
  • Actually bumped version in CMakeLists.txt

[] - 2018-05-31

    1. Fixed
      1. Project Scope
  • boost::posix_time::[milli]second takes integer numbers, and we now at least cast the floats to integers, as Boost 1.67 forced us to realize we're (incorrectly) using floating point her
  • CMake: using regex to match compiler against "Clang" now enables correct build on OS X
    1. GRC
  • Fixed GRC bug which broke WX and Qt (by altering the template code), in multiple (less than awesome) steps
    1. gr-blocks
  • float_array_to_int: int32 limits were wrongly hardcoded.
  • Fixed the undefined behaviour happening in float_to_complex when accessing the second input_items element in the single-input case

[] - 2018-04-01

    1. Software Engineering
  • Changed Changelog format
  • Introducing Semantic Versioning
  • Change of development model: Rather than merging bugfixes to maint, merging maint to master, and next, if applicable, we'll be moving forward more in a typical management model: Development happens on master, and bugfixes are cherrypicked onto the maint-${RELEASE} branch. More info: http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/discuss-gnuradio/2018-02/msg00133.html
  • First attempt at having a .clang-format file to improve code contribution style quality. This is Work In Progress.
    1. Fixed
      1. Project Scope
  • Buildability on systems where custom CMake command would try to find "" (empty string) as executable
  • Buildable with C++11 compilers (though deprecation warning-rich, due to unique_ptr)
  • several previously improperly handled include directories now actually included in individual lib/CMakeLists
  • Unit test/QA now parallelizable
  • Logger works with log4cpp <= 1.1.2 both in and out of tree
  • Python linkage under MinGW64
  • Documentation Directory now uniformly "docs/" (instead of sometimes "doc/")
  • log vs logf performance bugs
  • on-time pmt::mp("string") calls (instead of cached PMTs) performance bug
  • Doxygen build now reproducible
    1. GRC
  • Dialogs' parent windows
  • Embedded Python Blocks now work in hierarchical GRC flow graphs
    1. gnuradio-runtime
  • random.h: Uniform integer Generation depended on Boost version > min version
  • random.h: time-dependency when seeding with 0 replaced with actual standard seed
  • block startup now synchronized via barrier
  • New tag propagation policy "custom" for own implementation
  • get_tags_in_range used v.resize(0) to clear vectors, which lead to unnecessary memory reallocations
  • logger_ptr now always a pointer, no matter whether logging is enabled; fixes heap corruption bug
  • buffer[_reader]_sptr superfluous grab/release performance bug
  • BSD threading and shared mem compatibility
  • PMT: equal() comparison
    1. gr-utils
  • Sorted files in gr_modtool makexml processing, leading to improved reproducibility of builds
    1. gr-audio
  • OS X: memcpy bug
  • OS X: debug mode
  • Non-Linux ALSA compatibibilty
    1. gr-analog
  • fmdet_cf now has GRC file
  • fastnoise_source: non-threadsafe libc rand() replaced by XOROSHIRO128+
    1. gr-blocks
  • simple_copy Ctrlport example
  • Metadata sink/source not closing file on close()
  • multiply_matrix formerly used "magic int" value where its API expected enum (and that int wasn't covered)
  • TCP connection ASIO bug
  • tags_strobe: superfluous tags addition
  • vector_sink: multithreading hazards on data access
  • tuntap_pdu: MTU-sized IP packet reception
  • socket_pdu: Garbage Collect closed TCP connections
    1. gr-channels
  • IQ imbalance block formula now mathematically correct now mathematically correct
  • selective_fading_model: proper scaling of path length
    1. gr-digital
  • additive_scrambler_bb: tag triggered reset
  • stream_to_tagged_stream: tag offset after unlock()
  • blks2/packet.py: Flushing for small packets
  • interpolating_resampler: GCC 4.0 compile error
  • constellation: 16QAM demapper was wrong for one constellation point
  • chunks_to_symbols: mutex-guard LUT against modification during use
  • MSVC compatibility throug and -> && etc
  • crc32_bb: handle unpacked bytes correctly
  • ofdm_carrier_allocator: catching wrong allocations instead of crashing
    1. gr-dtv
  • All examples now are installed
  • DVB-T2: Removed L1 post scrambling in spec v1.1.1 mode
    1. gr-fcd
  • Building on non-Linux systems
  • Extended symbol bug in Reed-Solomon encoder
  • DVB-T Cell identifier
    1. gr-fcd
  • Building on non-Linux systems
    1. gr-fec
  • channel_construction.py: return int frozen bit output
  • GSL_LDFLAGS propagation
  • polar_decoder used to be flaky
    1. gr-fft
  • locking of fftw wisdom
  • window.cc: removed NaN due to FP math
  • compilation under MinGW
  • logpwrfft.py reference scaling integer division bug
    1. gr-filter
  • Simpson's rule code removed in favor of GSL call
    1. gr-qtgui
  • Time sink: Segfault with tag trigger
    1. gr-uhd
  • Antenna selection in UHD apps
  • uhd_fft scalar gain-capability
  • Device selection for multi-device operations in UHD apps
  • TX streamer creation
    1. gr-zeromq
  • Multi-part messages reception
    1. Added
      1. Project Scope
  • Ninja (https://ninja-build.org) now a supported build system
    1. gnuradio-runtime
  • Python can now get gr.WORK_CALLED_PRODUCE and gr.DONE
    1. gr-utils
  • gr_modtool: Autocompletion, line editing
  • gr_modtool: copyrightholder option
    1. GRC
  • "Create Duplicate"
  • "Save a copy"
  • BokehGUI
    1. gr-blocks
  • New tag_share block: take tags from one two input streams to one output stream
  • tag_gate: tag filtering
  • file_source: configurable file_begin stream tag
  • moving_average: Vector mode (with element-wise MA)
  • plateau_detector: threshold get/set
    1. gr-digital
  • costas_loop_cc: Optional loop variable outputs
  • New correlate_access_code_tag block
  • glfsr exposed through Python
    1. gr-dtv
  • 256QAM mode for ITU-T J.83B transmitter
    1. gr-fec
  • negative Polynomials in cc_encoder
    1. gr-filter
  • symbol_sync_{cc|ff}
    1. gr-uhd
  • uhd_app.py: selectable time/clock sources
  • make recv() call's timeout parameterizable
  • message-based RX tuning through sink, TX through source
    1. Changed
      1. Project Scope
  • VOLK version requirement: 1.4.0
  • Minimal required SWIG version now 2.0.4
  • GSL optional dependency
  • Threw out completely unused gr_??int types
  • Doxygen build no longer contains timestamps
  • Doxygen build now reproducible
  • Though factually before, now officially include ZeroMQ and Sphinx as optional dependencies in docs
    1. gnuradio-runtime
  • Python gateway allows variable number of ports
    1. gr-utils
  • gr_modtool: Block template now uses numpy.float32 instead of float. 32bit float is actually the default GNU Radio type.e.
    1. gr-blocks
  • vector_sink can preallocate memory for desired amount of items
    1. gr-digital
  • header_format_default now sps>1-capable
  • correlate_acces_code uses GR_LOG
    1. gr-uhd
  • uhd_fft: respect lo_offset in set_bandwidth
  • usrp_source: freq tag now actually reflects last set frequency, even on multiple channels
    1. gr-qtgui
  • Labels: now with 98.121212388% improved floating point formatting
  • Time Sink: Stem plot option exposed
    1. Deprecated
      1. gnuradio-runtime
  • gr::sys_pri

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