- Update to latest version


  • Update to latest version
  • Change to new upstream distribution
  • This also fixes build with clang6 on head

Release 1.4.2:
By John A. Magliacane <kd2bd@amsat.org> (08-Dec-14)

  • Modified the "build" script to better accommodate the Mac OSX platform, and fixed a contradiction in the documentation relating to the description of the situational and time variability parameters used in the ITM and ITWOM propagation models. (Thanks John M. Vanderau, AA0DN)
  • Modified the man pages for improved rendering. (Thanks Randy Berry, N3LRX)
  • Added a field limit in the citydecoder utility to prevent crashing if the coordinate file being read should contain unexpectantly large fields. (Thanks David Binderman)

Release 1.4.1:
By John A. Magliacane <kd2bd@amsat.org> (08-Jan-14):

  • The copyright restriction on the ITWOM 3.0 propagation model has been removed. ITWOM 3.0 code may now be used and modified under the GPLv2 license.
  • Commented out unused variables and calculations in itwom3.0.cpp to eliminate gcc warnings about unused but set variables.
  • Fixed a bug that caused path loss graphs to be plotted incorrectly.
  • Embellished the "citydecoder" utility to handle U.S. Census County Subdivision files, thereby providing an additional source of city names and locations not necessarily contained in previously handled Incorporated Places/Census Designated data files.
  • Corrected the image size written to the header of Xastir-compatible .ppm maps.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the "Mode of propagation" from appearing in Path Analysis reports when running in -oldtim mode.
  • Added a -log command line switch that allows SPLAT!'s command line and all associated switches and arguments to be written to a logfile for future reference or re-execution at a later time.
  • Modified SPLAT!'s "build" script for better handling of OSX. (Thanks Glen Bizeau, VE9GLN)
  • Changed some coding to eliminate compilation warnings produced by recent versions of GCC.
  • Brought the documentation up to date.


dbJan 18 2018, 7:56 PM
rP459369: devel/elixir-lager_logger: update patch for Elixir 1.6.