devel/cdecl: upgrade to 4.0.


devel/cdecl: upgrade to 4.0.
Added C++17 support
Specifically, inline variable declarations are now supported.

New typedef and define commands
New typedef gibberish and define english commands have been added to allow new types to be defined that can then be used in subsequent declarations and explanations.

New C99 standard types
The following C99 types are now supported via the new typedef command:
int8_t, int16_t, int32_t, int64_t, int_fast8_t, int_fast16_t, int_fast32_t, int_fast64_t, int_least16_t, int_least32_t, int_least64_t, int_least8_t, intmax_t, intptr_t, ptrdiff_t, uint8_t, uint16_t, uint32_t, uint64_t, uint_fast8_t, uint_fast16_t, uint_fast32_t, uint_fast64_t, uint_least8_t, uint_least16_t, uint_least32_t, uint_least64_t, uintmax_t, and uintptr_t.

New --no-typedefs/-t command-line options
Either of these options suppresses the definition of the standard C99 types.

Reads configuration file
Upon start-up and if it exists, reads ~/.cdeclrc (by default) for user-definedtypedef or define commands.

New --config/-c command-line options
These options specify an alternate configuration file to read upon start-up. As a result, the -c option in earlier versions of cdecl used to specify when to colorize output has been renamed to -k.

New --no-config/-C command-line options
These options suppress the reading of a configuration file, even one explicitlyspecified via --config/-c.

New show command
A new show command has been added to show the definition of either predefined or user-defined types.

Register warning
The use of register now triggers a warning in C++11 and later.

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lerSep 22 2017, 1:19 PM
rP450370: Backport a number of changes from lang/gcc5 and lang/gcc49: