www/cocoon: Deprecated, mark for removal 30 APR 2017


www/cocoon: Deprecated, mark for removal 30 APR 2017

The maintainer abandoned cocoon 9 years (March 2008). The upstream
project is still active with the latest stable release 2.2.0 release in
October 2014. This old version 2.1.11 is not even available in the 2.1
folder of http://www.apache.org/dist/cocoon/ anymore as it is also from

I spent a few minutes trying to update the port to the latest version,
but it became apparently very quickly that the makefile needs a complete
overhaul and the build approach has changed. The amount of work needed
on this port exceeds what is reasonable for a non-maintained port IMO.

This is one of the few ports that will not build on openjdk 7 or later;
I was initially trying upgrade to allow openjdk 8 to build it.

This port is completely saveable, but it requires a maintainer IMO, so
set the expiration date about 3 months out to give a chance for someone
to volunteer to bring this up to the latest release.


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