lang/sbcl: Restore SBCL bootstrap and missing modules


lang/sbcl: Restore SBCL bootstrap and missing modules

There were several issues with the revamp of sbcl.

  1. The removal of the lisp contrib modules broke several ports dependent on them.
  2. The removal of a proper SBCL bootstrap (SBCL built by SBCL) broke DragonFly. Generally it is recommended that compilers build themselves, although it's unclear if SBCL has such a recommendation.
  3. Handling of .core suffix changed by default

This revamp was itself revamped signficantly:

A) Change SBCL option from building from locally installed SBCL to building

from a downloaded bootstrap SBCL compiler (supports FreeBSD i386 & amd64
and DragonFly x86_64)

B) Set this as the default option and move the formerly default CCL to a

non-default option

C) Cosmetic: comment typo fixes, options realigned
D) contributed lisp modules readded to the makefile and pkg-plist
E) PLUS_BOOTSTRAPS switch to regenerate distinfo with all bootstrap files
F) Change "RENAME_DLM" PLIST_SUB to "CORE_SUFFIX" to unbreak makeplist
G) Regenerated pkg-plist (which wasn't previously ordered)
H) Set renaming of .core files to _core by default as it has been

previously done for years.

Approved by: DF Support / just-fix-it [1]

[1] No immediate response from ler@, adamw@, or maintainer after
notification of issues caused by changes of major update. Justified by
need to restore platform builds and dependent port builds.


marinoAuthored on
rP432556: - Update to version 0.6.3