Update kdevelop to version 4.7.0


Update kdevelop to version 4.7.0

Merge the area51's revisions 10454, 10455, 10485 (partially) and 10486:

Revision Log

Revision 10454: Fix options

  Run-Time references on Okteta/Kasten used to be emited independend of
  the OKTETA option switch, if Okteta/Kasten was installed on the system
  at build time.

  Honour the option and force CMake to ignore the presence of Okteta by
  specifying KDE's macro_optional_find_package preemptive abort macro.

Revision 10455: Update kdevelop to version 4.7

  Okteta OPTION tracking was fixed in the last commit. Further, preemt
  the installation of okteta-specific NLS data if the OKTETA switch is
  disabled, which causes remnants. Also, remove any @dirrm and @dirrmtry
  plist statements.
  Builds and works on 10.1.

Revision 10485 (partially): Remove kdehier references

  PORTS Revision 371194 by makc removed kdehier references from two

  Original commit message for revision 371194:
    finance/skrooge and devel/kdevplatform:
    - Chase devel/grantlee update
    - remove deprecated USE_KDE4=kdehier

  Merge that commit, and while doing so remove any remaining kdehier
  reference on it within area51.

Revision 10486: Add newline-at-end-of-file

In addition to those, follow up the bapt@'s CHANGES entry of 2014-09-22
and remove @dirrm plist entries lines.

Approved by: makc (mentor), rakuco (mentor)
Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D1261


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