Changes to promote a uniform look to the press page. A news item now


Changes to promote a uniform look to the press page. A news item now
has the following format:


  o <organization-name>	    <date-of-article>		<BR>
    <name-of-article>						<BR>
    by <author-name>						<BR>

  o ...

The press page is presently coded as an HTML document, so the
following discussion will use html terminology.

<month-and-year> is a <h2> section element, with a <ul>
list as its child.  Each list item is enclosed in a pair of <p>,</p>
tags and consequently appears as one paragraph to a browser.

<organization-name> will be a link to the primary web site of the
organization in the news item.

<date-of-article> is presented as: (nn)? <month-name> <year>.
Here <month-name> is the full name of the month.  <year> is a 4
digit year.  The (nn?) is the numeric day of the month, if available.

The <organization> and <date-of-article> items are rendered
as `bold' on suitably capable browsers.

<name-of-article> is the title of the article and is a link to
the actual article on the WWW.

<author-name> names the author of the article, or, in the case
of company press releases, states that it is a press release.

<additional-description> consists of a few lines (one paragraph)
summarizing the article so that readers do not need to download the
article in question to decide if it is interesting.

Entries in a month with a date are sorted most recent first.
Articles without a specific date appear before articles with
known date. This order is arbitrary and has been used for
consistency of presentation.

Other non-visible changes to the HTML:

o HTML tags now uniformly lowercase
o a couple of sgml errors corrected

The web page now passes the `tidy' test.


jkoshyAuthored on May 27 1999, 12:03 PM
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