games/devilutionX: update to 1.4


games/devilutionX: update to 1.4

  • Update to 1.4
  • Drop dependency on font, no longer needed
  • Drop unnecessary .desktop file patches (also upstream PR exists)
  • Install from the port (instead of patching CMakeLists.txt), to be more explicit and flexible
  • Convert to pkg-plist as there are more files now
  • The new version tries to fetch dependencies from the net, for some depenencies this is unconditional. Fetch these properly with GH_TUPLE and place in a directory where CMake expectes them.
  • Upstream code expects patch component in the version, so add an extra .0 to VERSION_NUM. This should not break on (future) X.Y.Z versions as the component will move to micropatch position and will be ignored
  • BINARY_RELEASE option is gone
  • Untie DEBUG (engine debug bode) from WITH_DEBUG knob (build debug binary), these are orthogonal
  • Properly support optional depends; zerotier is the only one broken as it conflicts with system header (see https://github.com/diasurgical/devilutionX/issues/4585)
  • Install devilutionx (own) data file
    • Since it's not versioned, use a little hack to add a tag to the filename to avoid clashes on the future updates; this seemed less evil than introducing DIST_SUBDIR
    • Use two-level datadir to be consistent with ~/.local/share path
  • Update pkg-message (Diablo data file doesn't have to be lowercase, works either way)

PR: 264064
Approved by: eduardo@FreeBSD.org (maintainer)


AMDmi3Authored on May 17 2022, 2:43 PM
R11:755720c7b8a1: cad/kicad-devel: Update