lang/seed7: update to 05_20220522


lang/seed7: update to 05_20220522


  • An explanation for Seed7 syntax highlighting has been added to the FAQ.
  • Syntax highlighting for vim and UltraEdit has been fixed in the files doc/sd7.vim, doc/seed7.vim and doc/seed7.uew.
  • Syntax highlighting support for notepad++ has been added with the file doc/seed7udl.xml
  • The file syntaxhl.sd7 has been added. It can be used to test Seed7 syntax highlighting.
  • In the string.s7i library, the functions lower() and upper() now use an up to date Unicode definition.
  • The library gzip.s7i has been refactored to use the new type gzipHeader and to avoid calling getUInt16Le().
  • The function getDigestOidFromAlgorithm() has been added to the library x509cert.s7i.
  • The pac.sd7 example program has been refactored. Now it also works when compiled.
  • The calc7 example program has been improved to support functions from the draw.s7i library.
  • Tests for array append ( &:= ), the 'times' operator and the function remove() have been added to chkarr.sd7.
  • Tests in chkovf.sd7 have been refactored.
  • Tests for Unicode case conversions and for conversions to UTF-8 have been added to chkstr.sd7.
  • Errors in getGidFromGroup() and getUidFromUser() have been fixed in the file cmd_unx.c.
  • In literal.c the error message for empty char literals has been improved.
  • The number of C compiler warnings has been reduced in sql_oci.c, drw_win.c and int_rtl.c.
  • In drw_drv.h, drw_dos.c, drw_emc.c, drw_win.c, drw_x11.c, s7.c, s7c.sd7 and comp/drw_act.s7i, the graphics support has been changed to call drawInit() at program start.
  • The function drawInit() has been added to drw_dos.c and drw_emc.c.
  • With these changes in the graphics support, an explicit initialization of graphics is no longer necessary. The explicit graphics initialization has been removed from bmp.s7i, gif.s7i, ico.s7i, jpeg.s7i, png.s7i, ppm.s7i and tiff.s7i.
  • In str_rtl.c the functions toLower() and toUpper() have been improved to use an up to date Unicode definition.
  • In drw_x11.c the exception checks in the function drwText have been improved.
  • In src/read_me.txt the explanation for how to compile under Windows with cl from MSVC has been improved.
  • In sql_fire.c the function setupParameters() has been changed to check wether malloc() returns NULL.
  • In sql_ifx.c the function createConnectionString has been changed to optionally consider the DB_LOCALE. Now, the function opening the Informix DB will try to do so with and without DB_LOCALE.
  • The compiler (s7c.sd7) has been changed to use stderr for a trace of functions (option: -tf).
  • The compiler has been improved to support tracing of dynamic calls (option: -td). This tracing is also written to stderr.
  • The compiler has been changed to raise ACTION_ERROR if a dynamic call would result in an endless recursion.
  • The program chkccomp.c has been improved to restart tests if no numeric result could be obtained. This is necessary for the program to work reliable under Windows with certain virus detection software.
  • Documentation comments have been improved in color.s7i.


  • In time.s7i, the function time(string) has been improved to consider the daylight saving time. Many thanks to Anders Carstensen for pointing out the problem and for providing a test program.
  • Explanations of the times operator and the functions bytes(), bytes2Int(), bytes2BigInt(), expm1(), log1p(), ignore() and openServerTls() have been added to the manual.
  • In the manual, the chapters about primitive actions and about the foreign function interface have been improved.
  • The FAQ and manual have been improved to consider the Informix database.
  • In ccittfax.s7i, the CCITT fax decoding has been improved.
  • In tiff.s7i, reading of TIFF files has been improved. Now, the requested length of Lempel Ziv Welch compressed data is computed correctly.
  • In jpeg.s7i, reading of JPEG files has been improved to use the component ID. Now, a hash from component ID to component type is used. The old code assumed that component ID and component type would be equal, and it raised RANGE_ERROR when this was not the case.
  • In bitdata.s7i, the performance of the functions getBit() and getBits() with a msbBitStream has been improved.
  • In array.s7i, the times operator has been improved to work with [A len L] times element.
  • A definition of the [A len L] operator has been added to syntax.s7i.
  • In x509cert.s7i reading and validating certificates has been improved. Now, there is partial support for PKCS #7 certificates.
  • The libraries tls.s7i and showtls.s7i have been improved to support TLS certificate_request, client_certificate and certificate_verify messages.
  • The compiler (s7c.sd7) has been improved to write better error messages for duplicate when values.
  • The program gkbd.sd7 has been improved to consider the space key.
  • In ref_data.c the function refArrToList() has been improved to raise RANGE_ERROR for an illegal array value.
  • In dcllib.c the function dcl_elements() has been improved to work correctly when push_stack() is a noop.
  • The files sql_fire.c and sql_tds.c have been improved to reduce C compiler warnings.
  • The program chkccomp.c has been improved to allow build tests to deliver a result after a delay.
  • In soc_rtl.c the functions socGets() and receive_and_alloc_stri() have been improved to set the EOF indicator instead of raising FILE_ERROR if the peer has crashed.
  • In soc_rtl.c, the function logError() will now be called if recv() fails.
  • In chkccomp.c, the function determineInformixDefines has been improved to avoid the definition of an empty C array.
  • The makefile mk_msvc.mak has been changed to define LIMITED_CSTRI_LITERAL_LEN. This avoids that the C compiler runs out of heap space.
  • Documentation comments have been updated in graph.s7i, tls.s7i, x509cert.s7i, ar.s7i, cpio.s7i, rpm.s7i, tar.s7i and zip.s7i.


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