security/clamav: Update to new bugfix release 0.103.4


security/clamav: Update to new bugfix release 0.103.4

This is direct commit to 2021Q4 branch. The reason that it is not MFH
is as following.

  • On September upstream changed their release and support policy as following.
    • They release Regular Feature Release (= x.y.0 release) more frequently. And x.y.z releases are supported until 4 months after the release of x.(y+1).0.
    • To compensate for the short lifetime of Regular Feature Releases, Long Term Support (LTS) Feature Release is introduced. A new LTS Feature Release will be identified approximately every two years and be supported for at least three years from the initial publication date of that LTS feature version.
  • Version 0.103.3 was identified as first LTS Feature Release.
  • After 2021Q4 branch was created, on main brach security/clamav was updated to 0.104.0 and security/clamav-lts was added.
  • Version 0.104.0 is first Regular Feature Release that new upstream policy is applied. There are large chages between 0.103.3 and 0.104.0 as upstream refactored their code base.
  • On November 3rd new bugfix releases 0.104.1 and 0.103.4 were released. On main branch I already updated both security/clamav and security/clamav-lts to their latest releases.
  • As is exlained above lifetime of 0.104.x isn't so long and there is large difference between 0.103.x and 0.104.x. Furthermore there isn't security/clamav-lts in 2021Q4 branch that can be selected as alternative for those who look for longer lifetime.
  • So merging 0.104.x to 2021Q4 isn't appropriate in this case and I select to update security/clamav to 0.103.3.

ReleaseNotes: https://blog.clamav.net/2021/11/clamav-01034-and-01041-patch-releases.html
PR: 259641
Approved by: fluffy (ports-secteam@)


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