security/wolfssl: Update to v5.6.0


security/wolfssl: Update to v5.6.0

Changes since v5.5.4:

wolfSSL Release 5.6.0 (Mar 24, 2023)

Release 5.6.0 has been developed according to wolfSSL's development and QA
process (see link below) and successfully passed the quality
criteria. https://www.wolfssl.com/about/wolfssl-software-development-process-quality-assurance

NOTE: * --enable-heapmath is being deprecated and will be removed by 2024 * This release makes ASN Template the default with ./configure, the previous ASN parsing can be built with --enable-asn=original

Release 5.6.0 of wolfSSL embedded TLS has bug fixes and new features including:

New Feature Additions

  • ASN template is now the default ASN parsing implementation when compiling with configure
  • Added in support for TLS v1.3 Encrypted Client Hello (ECH) and HPKE (Hybrid Public Key Encryption)
  • DTLS 1.3 stateless server ClientHello parsing support added


  • Add RX64/RX71 SHA hardware support
  • Port to RT1170 and expand NXP CAAM driver support
  • Add NuttX integration files for ease of use
  • Updated Stunnel support for version 5.67 Compatibility Layer
  • Add in support for AES-CCM with EVP
  • BN compatibility API refactoring and separate API created
  • Expanding public key type cipher suite list strings support


  • Support pthread_rwlock and add enable option
  • Add wolfSSL_CertManagerLoadCABuffer_ex() that takes a user certificate chain flag and additional verify flag options
  • Docker build additions for wolfSSL library and wolfCLU application
  • Add favorite drink pilot attribute type to get it from the encoding
  • Added in support for indefinite length BER parsing with PKCS12
  • Add dynamic session cache which allocates sessions from the heap with macro SESSION_CACHE_DYNAMIC_MEM

Improvements / Optimizations


  • Additional CI (continuous integration) testing and leveraging of GitHub workflows
  • Add CI testing for wpa_supplicant, OpenWrt and OpenVPN using GitHub workflows
  • Add compilation of Espressif to GitHub workflows tests
  • Refactoring and improving error results with wolfCrypt unit test application
  • Minor warning fixes from Coverity static analysis scan
  • Add new SHA-512/224 and SHA-512/256 tests
  • Used codespell and fixed some minor typos


  • Improve TLS1.2 client authentication to use TSIP
  • Updated Kyber macro to be WOLFSSL_HAVE_KYBER and made changes that make Kyber work on STM32
  • AES-GCM Windows assembly additions
  • CRLF line endings, trailing spaces for C# Wrapper Projects Compatibility Layer
  • Update PubKey and Key PEM-to-DER APIs to support return of needed DER size
  • Allow reading ENC EC PRIVATE KEY as well via wolfSSL_PEM_read_bio_ECPrivateKey
  • Improve wolfSSL_EC_POINT_cmp to handle Jacobian ordinates
  • Fix issue with BIO_reset() and add BIO_FLAGS_MEM_RDONLY flag support for read only BIOs


  • In SP math library rework mod 3 and use count leading zero instruction
  • Fix with SP ECC sign to reject the random k generated when r is 0
  • With SP math add better detection of when add won't work and double is needed with point_add_qz1 internal function
  • With SP int fail when buffer writing to is too small for number rather than discarding the extra values


  • Define WOLFSSL_SP_SMALL_STACK if wolfSSL is build with --enable-smallstack
  • Fix CMake to exclude libm when DH is not enabled
  • Allow building of SAKKE as external non-FIPS algorithm with wolfmikey product
  • Add option to add library suffix, --with-libsuffix
  • ASN template compile option WOLFSSL_ASN_INT_LEAD_0_ANY to allow leading zeros
  • Add user_settings.h template for wolfTPM to examples/configs/user_settings_wolftpm.h
  • Purge the AES variant of Dilithium
  • Expand WOLFSSL_NO_ASN_STRICT to allow parsing of explicit ECC public key
  • Remove relocatable text in ARMv7a AES assembly for use with FIPS builds
  • Expand checking for hardware that supports ARMv7a neon with autotools configure
  • Sanity check on allocation fails with DSA and FP_ECC build when zeroizing internal buffer
  • Additional TLS alerts sent when compiling with WOLFSSL_EXTRA_ALERTS macro defined


  • Update wolfCrypt benchmark Windows build files to support x64 Platform
  • Add SHA512/224 and SHA512/256 benchmarks, fixed CVS macro and display sizes
  • Separate AES-GCM streaming runs when benchmarked
  • No longer call external implementation of Kyber from benchmark
  • Fix for benchmarking shake with custom block size
  • Fixes for benchmark help -alg list and block format Documentation/Examples
  • Document use of wc_AesFree() and update documentation of Ed25519 with Doxygen
  • Move the wolfSSL Configuration section higher in QUIC.md
  • Add Japanese Doxygen documentation for cmac.h, quic.h and remove incomplete Japanese doxygen in asn_public.h
  • Espressif examples run with local wolfSSL now with no additional setup needed
  • Added a fix for StartTLS use In the example client
  • Add a base-line user_settings.h for use with FIPS 140-3 in XCode example app


  • AES-NI usage added for AES modes ECB/CTR/XTS


  • Update AES-GCM stream decryption to allow long IVs
  • Internal refactor to use wolfSSL_Ref functions when incrementing or decrementing the structures reference count and fixes for static analysis reports
  • Cleanup function logging making adjustments to the debug log print outs
  • Remove realloc dependency in DtlsMsgCombineFragBuckets function
  • Refactor to use WOLFSSL_CTX’s cipher suite list when possible
  • Update internal padding of 0’s with DSA sign and additional tests with mp_to_unsigned_bin_len function
  • With DTLS SRTP use wolfSSL_export_keying_material instead of wc_PRF_TLS
  • Updated macro naming from HAVE_KYBER to be WOLFSSL_HAVE_KYBER
  • Update AES XTS encrypt to handle in-place encryption properly
  • With TLS 1.3 add option to require only PSK with DHE



  • Fix for AES use with CAAM on imx8qxp with SECO builds
  • Fix for PIC32 crypto HW and unused TLSX_SetResponse
  • Fix warning if ltime is unsigned seen with QNX build
  • Updates and fix for Zephyr project support
  • Include sys/time.h for WOLFSSL_RIOT_OS
  • Move X509_V errors from enums to defines for use with HAProxy CLI
  • Fix IAR compiler warnings resolved
  • Fix for STM32 Hash peripherals (like on F437) with FIFO depth = 1
  • ESP32 fix for SHA384 init with hardware acceleration


  • Add WOLFSSL_IP_ALT_NAME macro define to --enable-curl
  • Fixes for building with C++17 and avoiding clashing with byte naming
  • Fixes SP math all build issue with small-stack and no hardening
  • Fix for building with ASN template with NO_ASN_TIME defined
  • Fix building FIPSv2 with WOLFSSL_ECDSA_SET_K defined
  • Don't allow aesgcm-stream option with kcapi
  • Fix DTLS test case for when able to read peers close notify alert on FreeBSD systems
  • Fix for "expression must have a constant value" in tls13.c with Green Hills compiler
  • Fixes for building KCAPI with opensslextra enabled
  • Fix warnings of shadows min and subscript with i486-netbsd-gcc compiler
  • Fix issue with async and WOLFSSL_CHECK_ALERT_ON_ERR
  • Fix for PKCS7 with asynchronous crypto enabled

Math Library

  • SP Aarch64 fix for conditional changed in asm needing "cc" and fix for ECC P256 mont reduce
  • In SP builds add sanity check with DH exp. to check the output length for minimum size
  • In SP math fix scalar length check with EC scalar multiply
  • With SP int fix handling negative character properly with read radix
  • Add error checks before setting variable err in SP int with the function sp_invmod_mont_ct
  • Fix to add sanity check for malloc of zero size in fastmath builds
  • In fastmath fix a possible overflow in fp_to_unsigned_bin_len length check
  • Heapmath fast mod. reduce fix

Compatibility Layer

  • Fixes for encoding/decoding ecc public keys and ensure i2d public key functions do not include any private key information
  • Fix for EVP_EncryptUpdate to update outl on empty input
  • Fix SE050 RSA public key loading and RSA/ECC SE050 TLS Compatibility
  • Rework EC API and validate point after setting it
  • Fix for X509 RSA PSS with compatibility layer functions
  • Fix size of structures used with SHA operations when built with opensslextra for Espressif hardware accelerated hashing
  • Added sanity check on key length with wolfSSL_CMAC_Init function
  • Fix for return value type conversion of bad mutex error in logging function
  • Fix NID conflict NID_givenName and NID_md5WithRSAEncryption
  • Fix unguarded XFPRINTF calls with opensslextra build
  • Fix wolfSSL_ASN1_INTEGER_to_BN for negative values
  • Fix for potential ASN1_STRING leak in wolfSSL_X509_NAME_ENTRY_create_by_txt and wolfSSL_X509_NAME_ENTRY_create_by_NID when memory allocation fails


  • Add sanity check to prevent an out of bounds read with OCSP response decoding
  • Sanity check to not allow 0 length with bit string and integer when parsing ASN1 syntax
  • Adjust RNG sanity checks and remove error prone first byte comparison
  • With PKCS7 add a fix for GetAsnTimeString() to correctly increment internal data pointer
  • PKCS7 addition of sequence around algo parameters with authenvelop
  • DSA fixes for clearing mp_int before re-reading data and avoid mp_clear without first calling mp_init
  • Fix for SRTP setting bitfield when it is encoded for the TLS extension
  • Fix for handling small http headers when doing CRL verification
  • Fix for ECCSI hash function to validate the output size and curve size
  • Fix for value of givenName and name being reversed with CSR generation
  • Fix for error type returned (OCSP_CERT_UNKNOWN) with OCSP verification
  • Fix for a potential memory leak with ProcessCSR when handling OCSP responses
  • Fix for VERIFY_SKIP_DATE flag not ignoring date errors when set
  • Fix for zlib decompression buffer issue with PKCS7
  • Fix for DTLS message pool send size used and DTLS server saving of the handshake sequence
  • Fix to propagate WOLFSSL_TICKET_RET_CREATE error return value from DoDecryptTicket()
  • Fix for handling long session IDs with TLS 1.3 session tickets
  • Fix for AES-GCM streaming when caching an IV
  • Fix for test case with older selftest that returns bad padding instead of salt len error
  • Add fix for siphash cache and added in additional tests
  • Fix potential out of bounds memset to 0 in error case with session export function used with --enable-sessionexport builds
  • Fix possible NULL dereference in TLSX_CSR_Parse with TLS 1.3
  • Fix for sanity check on RSA pad length with no padding using the build macro WC_RSA_NO_PADDING


Santhosh Raju <fox@FreeBSD.org>Authored on Mar 26 2023, 9:10 AM
R11:6d4a286b8e98: misc/clifm: update CliFM to version 1.11

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