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git log -1 --pretty=raw

Authored by cem on Jan 3 2021, 1:16 PM.
commit 000000907b19782eff5f4111b62bdc2a96a0f4eb
tree 4e778673b8af45ecd4c62e8b1d1438d06db7f440
parent 00000080b4fc4c2066fa05641e73d5f0985c15ea
author Conrad Meyer <> 1590357489 -0700
committer Conrad Meyer <> 1590357489 -0700
x-gitbrutec-nonce YYZSKGIQCLLXGE
Use 'git update-ref' in post-commit example
kwal points out that update-ref does everything I want and as a core part of
git, is less likely to break (or in some cases, do the wrong thing).

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