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Index: de_DE.ISO8859-1/htdocs/Makefile
--- de_DE.ISO8859-1/htdocs/Makefile (revision 43225)
+++ de_DE.ISO8859-1/htdocs/Makefile (revision 43226)
@@ -1,79 +1,79 @@
# The FreeBSD Documentation Project
# The FreeBSD German Documentation Project
# $FreeBSD$
# $FreeBSDde: de-www/Makefile,v 1.51 2011/06/13 21:33:54 jkois Exp $
# basiert auf: 1.145
.if exists(Makefile.conf)
.include "Makefile.conf"
.if exists(../
.include "../"
# These are turned into validated, normalized HTML files.
DOCS= about.xml
DOCS+= administration.xml
DOCS+= applications.xml
DOCS+= availability.xml
DOCS+= art.xml
DOCS+= docs.xml
DOCS+= features.xml
DOCS+= internet.xml
DOCS+= logo.xml
DOCS+= mailto.xml
DOCS+= relnotes.xml
DOCS+= send-pr.xml
DOCS+= support.xml
DOCS+= where.xml
# These will be directly installed.
#DATA= favicon.ico
#DATA+= robots.txt
#DATA+= freebsd.css
#DATA+= vendors.html
# Subdirectories
SUBDIR= community
SUBDIR+= developers
SUBDIR+= docproj
SUBDIR+= docs
SUBDIR+= news
SUBDIR+= handbook
SUBDIR+= ipv6
SUBDIR+= java
SUBDIR+= platforms
-SUBDIR+= ports
+#SUBDIR+= ports
SUBDIR+= projects
SUBDIR+= releases
SUBDIR+= security
SUBDIR+= snapshots
SUBDIR+= support
.if !defined(WEB_ONLY) || empty(WEB_ONLY)
SUBDIR+= ports
SUBDIR+= doc
.if defined(BUILD_RELNOTES)
SUBDIR+= relnotes
# Non-XML
SUBDIR+= gifs
WEBDIR?= data/de
# these files are generated by using separate rules.
DATA+= index.html
CLEANFILES+= index.html
XMLDOCS= index:xsl:${XML_NEWS_NEWS}:
DEPENDSET.index=transtable mirrors news press events \
advisories notices
.include "${DOC_PREFIX}/share/mk/"

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