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website/press: Adjust all links

Authored by dbaio on Thu, Jul 15, 11:53 AM.


  • Fix RSS/Feed links

    They were without the anchor part, causing 404 requests: The correct is:
  • Make links unique

    When investigating the above issue, we could note that the links were not unique. Every time a new press item is added, the entire chain of links is changed.

    We add the old behavior with this change, which counts press items for each month and generates the unique link based on the month and in the month counter.

    This change also needs to be added to the News and Events items.
Test Plan
$ grep "press/#" public/index.html
  <a href="/press/#2021-03:1">License to thrill</a>
  <a href="/press/#2020-02:1">Discussing Past, Present and Future of FreeBSD Project</a>
  <a href="/press/#2020-02:2">Supporting an open source operating system: a Q&amp;A with the FreeBSD Foundation</a>
  <a href="/press/#2019-08:1">Meet FreeBSD Project – A Journey of 26 Years and Beyond</a>
  <a href="/press/#2019-06:1">FreeBSD Turns 26</a>
$ grep guid public/press/feed.xml
$ grep "a id=" public/press/index.html
  <a id="2021-03:1"></a>
  <a id="2020-02:1"></a>
  <a id="2020-02:2"></a>
  <a id="2019-08:1"></a>
  <a id="2019-06:1"></a>
  <a id="2019-06:2"></a>
  <a id="2019-06:3"></a>
  <a id="2019-04:1"></a>
  <a id="2017-11:1"></a>
  <a id="2016-06:1"></a>
  <a id="2016-06:2"></a>
  <a id="2015-10:1"></a>
  <a id="2015-07:1"></a>
  <a id="2015-03:1"></a>
  <a id="2015-01:1"></a>
  <a id="2014-12:1"></a>
  <a id="2014-11:1"></a>
  <a id="2014-10:1"></a>
  <a id="2014-09:1"></a>
  <a id="2014-09:2"></a>
  <a id="2014-01:1"></a>
  <a id="2014-01:2"></a>
  <a id="2013-06:1"></a>
  <a id="2013-02:1"></a>
  <a id="2013-01:1"></a>
  <a id="2012-11:1"></a>
  <a id="2012-08:1"></a>
  <a id="2012-06:1"></a>
  <a id="2012-06:2"></a>
  <a id="2012-05:1"></a>
  <a id="2012-05:2"></a>
  <a id="2012-05:3"></a>
  <a id="2012-05:4"></a>
  <a id="2012-05:5"></a>
  <a id="2012-04:1"></a>
  <a id="2012-03:1"></a>
  <a id="2012-02:1"></a>
  <a id="2012-01:1"></a>
  <a id="2011-11:1"></a>
  <a id="2011-09:1"></a>
  <a id="2011-07:1"></a>
  <a id="2011-03:1"></a>
  <a id="2011-02:1"></a>
  <a id="2010-08:1"></a>
  <a id="2010-02:1"></a>

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