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FUSE: Respect userspace FS "do-not-cache" of path components

Authored by cem on Feb 5 2019, 8:33 PM.



The FUSE protocol demands that kernel implementations cache user filesystem
path components (lookup/cnp data) for a maximum period of time in the range
of [0, ULONG_MAX] seconds. In practice, typical requests are for 0, 1, or
10 seconds; or "a long time" to represent indefinite caching.

Historically, FreeBSD FUSE has ignored this client directive entirely. This
works fine for local-only filesystems, but causes consistency issues with
multi-writer network filesystems.

For now, respect 0 second cache TTLs and do not cache such metadata.
Non-zero metadata caching TTLs in the range [0.000000001, ULONG_MAX] seconds
are still cached indefinitely, because it is unclear how a userspace
filesystem could do anything sensible with those semantics even if

Pass fuse_entry_out to fuse_vnode_get when available and only cache lookup
if the user filesystem did not set a zero second TTL.

PR: 230258 (partial)

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