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*Added SAL annotatations to latest bsd system calls declarations in syscalls.master, annotations were ported over from syscalls.master in cheribsd.

Authored by on Mar 8 2018, 1:06 AM.



*Modified to strip out SAL annotations.

-fixed kevent annotation -removed cheri relavent comment -fixed incorrect syscall type droped |STD from call 460, error picked up from translating stuff over from cheribsd.

added missing annotations for send and recv.

added annotatations for gethostname, sethostname, revoke, pathconf.

Added a note about SAL annotations to header comments re: emaste and jhb's comments.

Added documentation for annotations to header comment block.

-added annotations for remaining calls of type COMPAT and STD for consistency/completeness.

fixed incorrect annotation for cpuset_getdomain.

tiny wording change in documentation.

replaced tab with spaces for uniform formatting.

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