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vvv updated to 1.9.0

Authored by on Sep 11 2017, 10:18 PM.



vvv patch set was updated to support mutt 1.9.0

Test Plan
  • confirm nntp applies
  • create new nntp patches (mtime/forcebase64) if offset/fuzz found
  • testport without NNTP option
  • testport with NNTP and two nntp patches

Diff Detail

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Build Status
Buildable 11502
Build 11857: arc lint + arc unit

Event Timeline

lwhsu added inline comments.

Should we just remove this section?

I believe this review can be closed because of

However, the section is there to be uncommented/commented as newer
versions of mutt are released the greeting and VVV might not have been
updated before the port has changed. In some cases mainly minor releases
and most likely bug releases the latest version, normally the previous
release, of the patch can still apply cleanly.

If you look at the current version of mail/mutt Makefile they're both
uncommented with different version numbers.

If we remove the section the port can't be updated until these patches
are released for ${PORTVERSION} otherwise they would need to be pulled
in the mail/mutt/files/. For the greeting patch this might not be so
bad but there's no chance I would attempt to maintain VVV's NNTP patch.
Ideally I would rather just remove it from the port all together based
on the assumption NNTP usage is low at worst and non existent at best.

Got it, was just being curious. Thanks for the explanation. Please feel free to close this review.