- Replace unused and only ever written to members of public iflib(9)


  • Replace unused and only ever written to members of public iflib(9) structs with placeholders (in the latter case, IFLIB_MAX_TX_BYTES etc. are also only ever used for these write-only members if at all, so both these macros and members can just go). Using these spares may render it possible to merge certain iflib(9) fixes to stable/12. Otherwise, changes extending struct if_irq or struct if_shared_ctx in any way would break KBI as instances of these are allocated by the driver front-ends (by contrast, struct if_pkt_info as well as struct if_softc_ctx instances are provided by iflib(9) and, thus, may grow at least at the end without breaking KBI).
  • Make the pvi_name in struct pci_vendor_info const char * as device identifiers in hardware lookup tables aren't to be expected to ever change at runtime.
  • Similarly, make the pci_vendor_info_t of struct if_shared_ctx which is used to point to the struct pci_vendor_info arrays provided by the driver front-ends const.
  • Remove the ETH_ADDR_LEN macro from iflib.h; this was duplicating ETHER_ADDR_LEN of <net/ethernet.h> with iflib(9) actually only consuming the latter macro.
  • Make the name argument of iflib_io_tqg_attach(9) const, matching the taskqgroup_attach_cpu(9) this function wraps as well as e. g. iflib_config_gtask_init(9).
  • Remove the orphaned iflib_qset_lock_get() prototype.
  • Remove some extraneous empty lines.


mariusJun 15 2019, 11:07 AM
rS349054: Add <sys/dnv.h> required for libnv to SYSINCS, too, apparently missed