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I wandered into FreeBSD/390 in early December 2011 and offered to help. Shortly thereafter, I suffered a severe brain crash and had to run away from it for my own sanity (or what was left of it), then the project was abandoned. Fast forward 8 years, and I'm a FreeBSD user again. Another 3 years, and I maintain a port, contribute bug reports, content, and reviews to documentation and manual pages, help a bit with IRC-based user support on occasion, and now learning the ropes of being a committer.

Core features: Muslim, autist, left libertarian, emotional abuse survivor, former nicotine addict, former jerk.

Beliefs (partial list): Black Lives Matter, Trans Women Are Women, people have worth just because they exist, Covid-19 is here to stay and still deadly.

Prone to: punning, instafilking in various languages, foodporning, advocating for accessibility and inclusivity, sleeping in 3-5 hour chunks, strictly enforcing my clearly stated boundaries against violators.

Pronouns: he/him/his (or singular they/them/their/theirs) for English, il (or iel/ielle) for French, or siya/niya/kaniya (please no sila/nila/kanila) if you ever have cause to discuss or mention me in Tagalog.

Alignment: Chaotic Punny, Useful Descriptivist, Nominative-Accusative, and or Austronesian.

Picture: a cartoonish crab wearing an acid green and hot pink facemask and holding a drink with a straw in it, by @SWakahisa.

Schiller Pastiche
Against ambiguity, the words themselves contend in vain.

Obligatory Kipling Pastiche
'Ah!' said the Elder Committer. 'Now I know who has been playing with the Tree;' and he called out, 'What are you doing, Pau Amma?'

And Pau Amma, deep down below, answered, 'Once a day and once a night I pull then rebase my branch. Once a day and once a night I commit. Leave me alone.'