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Software developer @ Novaa Tech - Lyon, France


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Jun 3 2024, 9:47 PM (7 w, 2 d)

Nice to meet you

My name is Daniel Febrero. I am born on January 1st, 1992 in Annecy, France.
I like nature and computers.

BedWake upEnjoy

Macro panicked: no-worries i-watch-on-you

@{article:Complaining about not funny jokes}

Press alt+f4 on your laptop or +q pomme q on your mac to close the app. It may quit it on Windows, but just close it on macos.

function just_to_no_forget_to_try_to_make_this_work() {

return global $$variable_variable;


lang=fr_FR/es_ES/en_US, name=daniel-febrero-martin_just-trying-this-format-available-on-freebsd, city=lyon/fr, lines=42, later_will_use_global_request_package