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The following resources are some of those which FreeBSD newbies have found most helpful when learning to use FreeBSD. Please send corrections and additions to FreeBSD-Newbies@FreeBSD.org.

Using the FreeBSD web site

This web site is the main source of up to date information about FreeBSD. Newbies have found the following pages particularly helpful:

Learning about FreeBSD

Learning about &unix;

Many of the problems we have as newbies come from being unfamiliar with the UNIX commands needed to fix our FreeBSD problems. - Without a UNIX background you'll be faced with two things to learn + Without a UNIX background you will be faced with two things to learn at once. Fortunately a lot of resources are available to make this easier.

Learning about the X Window System

The X Window System is used with a number of operating systems, including FreeBSD. The documentation for X can be found at The XFree86 Project, Inc. Beware, much of this documentation is reference material which is likely to be difficult for newcomers to digest.

Helping other people

Everyone has something to contribute to the FreeBSD community, even newbies! Some are busy working with the new advocacy group and some have become involved with the Documentation Project as reviewers. Other FreeBSD newbies might have particular skills and experiences to share, either computer related or not, or just want to meet new - newbies and make them feel welcome. There's always people around + newbies and make them feel welcome. There is always people around who help others simply because they like to. Write to FreeBSD Newbies for more information.

Friends who run FreeBSD are a great resource. No book can replace chatting on the phone or across a pizza with someone who has the same interests, enjoys similar accomplishments, and faces the same - challenges. If you don't have many friends who use FreeBSD, + challenges. If you do not have many friends who use FreeBSD, consider using your old FreeBSD CDs to create some more :-)

User groups are - good places to meet other FreeBSD users. If there's not one nearby, + good places to meet other FreeBSD users. If there is not one nearby, you might consider starting one!

Before talking to real humans about your new skills, you might want to check the Jargon File :-)

Online, we have the FreeBSD-Newbies mailing list for non-technical discussions about matters of interest to newbies. Another mailing list, FreeBSD-Questions, answers our questions about using FreeBSD.