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This page contains documentation about the FreeBSD release engineering process.

Upcoming Release Schedule

NOTE: Release dates are approximate and may be subject to schedule slippage.

Code-Freeze Status

The following table lists the code freeze status for the major branches of the src/ subtree of the FreeBSD CVS repository. Commits to any branch listed as "frozen" must first be reviewed and approved by the relevant contact party. The status of other subtress such as ports/ and doc/ is also provided below.

Branch Status Contact Notes
HEAD Frozen &contact.re; Active development branch for -CURRENT. Commits to this branch will be in 5.1-RELEASE and 5-STABLE. Sometime around the release of 5.2-RELEASE, we will branch RELENG_5 (for 5-STABLE) and this - branch will then be known at 6-CURRENT. All commits must have + branch will then be known as 6-CURRENT. All commits must have &contact.re; approval during the code freeze.
RELENG_5_0 Frozen &contact.so; FreeBSD 5.0 supported security fix branch.
RELENG_4 Open &contact.re; Development branch for 4-STABLE.
RELENG_4_8 Frozen &contact.so; FreeBSD 4.8 supported security fix branch.
RELENG_4_7 Frozen &contact.so; FreeBSD 4.7 supported security fix branch.
RELENG_4_6 Frozen &contact.so; FreeBSD 4.6 supported security fix branch.
RELENG_4_5 Frozen &contact.so; FreeBSD 4.5 security fix branch (not officially supported).
RELENG_4_4 Frozen &contact.so; FreeBSD 4.4 security fix branch (not officially supported).
RELENG_4_3 Frozen &contact.so; FreeBSD 4.3 security fix branch (not officially supported).
RELENG_3 Open committers Maintenance branch for 3-STABLE (not officially supported).
RELENG_2_2 Open committers Maintenance branch for 2.2-STABLE (not officially supported).
Subtree Status Contact Notes
ports/ Open freebsd-ports FreeBSD Ports Collection.
doc/ Open freebsd-doc SGML/XML based documentation set.

Release Engineering Documentation

Release Engineering Team

The primary release engineering team is responsible for approving MFC requests during code freezes, setting release schedules, and all of the other responsibilities laid out in our charter.

Primary RE Team (re@FreeBSD.org) : &a.murray;, &a.steve;, &a.rwatson;, &a.jhb;, &a.bmah;, and &a.scottl; form the primary release engineering decision-making group.

The platform-specific release engineering teams are responsible for building and packaging FreeBSD releases on the given platforms.

Alpha Platform REs (re-alpha@FreeBSD.org) : &a.wilko;, &a.obrien;, &a.murray;, &a.jhb;, &a.rwatson;, &a.scottl;

ia64 Platform REs (re-ia64@FreeBSD.org) : &a.marcel;, &a.peter;

i386 Platform REs (re-x86@FreeBSD.org) : &a.murray;, &a.jhb;, &a.rwatson;, &a.bmah;, &a.scottl;

pc98 Platform REs (re-pc98@FreeBSD.org) : &a.nyan;

sparc64 Platform REs (re-sparc64@FreeBSD.org) : &a.jake;, &a.tmm;, &a.rwatson;, &a.jhb;, &a.murray;, &a.phk;, &a.scottl;

The third party packages in the Ports Collection are managed by the portmgr@ team. Among many other responsibilities, the port managers keep the ports cluster running smoothly to produce binary packages.

Package Builders (portmgr@FreeBSD.org) : &a.asami;, &a.kris;, &a.sobomax;, &a.steve;, &a.will;, &a.knu;