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Web Statistic


The Web usage statistics for this server are updated daily with the analog(1) tool.


The Urchin web statistics package is used to provide these statistics on web server usage.

FreeBSD Release Usage Statistic

A snapshot of the current FreeBSD release usage is available at http://www.freebsd.org/statistic/release_usage/images/.

The FreeBSD Counter Page

The FreeBSD Counter Page page is the start of a project which will attempt to determine the world-wide installed base of FreeBSD users. The FreeBSD development community currently has only the vaguest idea as to how large our user base is, and this makes it all the more difficult to persuade hardware and software vendors to take it seriously.

FTP traffic at ftp.freebsd.org

We set a new traffic record for -wcarchive at 03-May-1999, 969 GB. -The fast ethernet was maxed out for most of the day. +wcarchive at 23-May-1999, 1.39TB.

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