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This page lists various developer hardware needs. If you are interested in supporting the FreeBSD Project, you might consider donating some piece of hardware on this list to the Project.

We provide the FreeBSD username of the developer who needs a resource, the country they are in (for shipping purposes), the equipment they desire, and the use to which that equipment will be put.

For information on tax deductions and process, please see the information on the main FreeBSD Donation Liaison office page.

If you would like to donate something on this list, please contact donations@FreeBSD.org.

On a general note, we need a variety of Sparc 64 machines for testing and improving our new Sparc port. Even small, old (or new!) Sparc 64 machines are perfectly usable. No matter which country you're in, we almost certainly have someone local who could use it. We could specifically use 1U rack-mounted Sparcs (such as E220R, E420R, Fire V100, Fire V120, or Netra T1 AC200) for our development and package-building clusters in the USA.

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Developer ID Developer Country Equipment Desired Equipment Use
alane USA Semi-complete system: needs CPU, RAM, case, CD, HD, floppy, and video card run -current on for kde & other ports testing
anholt USA reasonably fast PCI Alpha system X and DRI support on Alpha
anholt USA KVM switch that looks good at high resolution X and DRI development
anholt USA Sparc64 with PCI slot and creator3d card X and DRI porting to Sparc platform
arvedAustriaFreeBSD supported PCMCIA 100Mbit NICAbility to work on FreeBSD ports while on the road.
des Norway Any kind of authentication hardware (USB tokens, smart card readers, smart cards, fingerprint scanners, etc.) + documentation Develop and maintain support for hardware authentication
hm Hamburg, Germany A reasonably fast Alpha machine with at least 1 PCI slot Get the i4b ISDN framework supported on the Alpha architecture.
imp USA EISA-based pccard hardware Make EISA pccard driver work
imp USA sbus-based pccard hardware Make sbus pccard driver work
imp USA sparc64 machine with PCI and sbus slots make pccard/cardbus work
imp USA 3Com Xjack wireless card make driver work
imp USA PCMCIA Standard version 8.0 PCMCIA support
imp USA multi-port (>= 4) pci serial card Manage the growing number of machines in my basement.
imp USA O2 Micro CardBus based laptop O2Micro support is lagging and needs attention.
jake Canada 2 450MHz UltraSPARC II CPUs Faster sparc64 test machine
jake Canada Sun server or workstation with UltraSPARCIII CPUs, Blade 1000, Blade 2000, V280R, V480 or V880, preferably with 2 CPUs Sparc64 UltraSPARCIII support
jkoshy India, Bangalore Alpha/Sparc64 machines [any reasonable model], preferably shipped from within India. Maintain applications and support FreeBSD on these architectures.
jlemon USA, Wisconsin APC MasterSwitch (or equivalent) Remote power management for multiple development machines
kris USA DDS-3/DDS-4 tape drive Make my computer lab more usable for hacking
lioux Brazil BrookTree chipset TV Capture Card: either BT848 or BT878 (preferred) that already works with FreeBSD. adding BrookTree support to graphics/ffmpeg and several other video processing programs
marcel CA, USA telnet-accessible terminal server, 4 ports or more access to multiple development machines
marcel CA, USA Intel Tiger 4 (4-CPU Itanium 2 machine) Core ia64 development
marcel CA, USA A supported Sparc64 box. Nothing fancy. Headless ok Cross-platform infrastructural kernel development
markm Cambridge, UK Flexelint v8. (www.gimpel.com) (Semi-)automated code cleaning and cross-platform compiler needs cleaning.
matusita Japan 2-3 build machines:Pentium4 2GHz+,20GB+ ATA66+ HDD,256MB+RAM, 100base-TX NIC,serial, etc. rebuild dying snapshots.jp.FreeBSD.org
matusita Japan FTP server:Pentium3/Celeron 1GHz+,10GB+ ATA66+ HDD,100GB+ storage (RAID0+1 desirable),256MB+RAM, 100base-TX NIC,serial, etc. rebuild dying snapshots.jp.FreeBSD.org
mbr Switzerland Network cards for RealTek 8129/8139 and clones, DEC/Intel 21143 and workalikes, SiS 900/7016 and clones, NatSemi DP83815/DP83820 and workalikes. I can give feedback if I still need the card. Fixed cards will go to the busdma project. Add support for unsupported and broken drivers.
mikeh VA, USA modest desktop system, Pentium 400MHz+, dual CPU if possible, 256mb ram,20gb hd -current development and testing
mux France Network cards listed on busdma project page. busdma conversion of network cards
mux France faster system than k6-2 400 machine, or faster socket 7 CPU, or MB/CPU/RAM set faster development
mux France laptop with serial port live kernel debugging
netchild Germany Pentium 4, enough RAM (256MB or more, our official port build machine has 1GB) and harddisk space (official port build machine: 5x36GB and 1x18GB), 100MB NIC. No graphic card is needed if the BIOS is accessible from the serial console. Nice to have: some hardware to make backups. Build and test P4 optimized packages with Intels C/C++ compiler.
netchild Germany A commercial license for the Intel C/C++ compiler for Linux (see Intel's pricelist). The non-commercial license I have doesn't allow me to make binaries available for download, a commercial license does not have this restriction so I can make icc compiled packages available for download (see also my above entry for a build/test machine).
njl USA dual-bus Adaptec HBA SCSI card, model 39160 or 3940U SCSI support
nsouch France Mach64 PCI graphic cards www.kgi-project.org development for FreeBSD
obrien California, USA 2 300MHz UltraSPARC II CPUs (or 4x400+MHz) To add to a dual processor machine to get it up to a quad-proc machine so a committer (and tester) has a 4-ways sparc machine
rwatson USA 2 256MB PC66 non-ECC RAM DIMMs make home machine usable for FreeBSD development
rwatson USA IDE CD burner make home machine usable for FreeBSD development
sam USA crypto devices (pci, pcmcia, cardbus cards, CPUs with builtin crypto support) For improving hardware crypto support
sam USA Sun workstation with US II or better and PCI slots Cross-platform crypto and device development
sam USA Dual-processor x86 machine (not rackmount) SMP development
sos Denmark Serial ATA hardware: disks, controllers (including docs), cables, Serial ATA-ATA converters. Keep ATA support up to date.
thomas France UDMA controller, ATAPI floppy drive, ATAPI tape drive Ensure these ATAPI devices work with ATAPI/CAM with the same level of functionality currently available with the afd/ast drivers.
tobez Denmark i386 system, 400+MHz, 256+MB RAM, 20G+HD Testing ports (mostly perl-related) on -current
tmm Germany up to 3 PC133 ECC DIMMs (128MB or more, 384MB total desired), preferably shipped from within EU for customs reasons FreeBSD/sparc64 development and testing
wilko Arnhem, the Netherlands Toshiba Libretto mini-notebook. Speed/diskspace irrelevant. Fullfil core-secretary duties when travelling, specifically when travelling by motorbike.
wilko Arnhem, the Netherlands A >= 4 port KVM switch that works well on high resolutions. Tame the display mess of my Alpha & Intel test farm.
will Indiana, USA A working FreeBSD/alpha machine (preferably a 21164 or faster) Better KDE/FreeBSD support on this architecture.
arvedAustriaFreeBSD supported PCMCIA 100Mbit NICAbility to work on FreeBSD ports while on the road.