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This page lists various developer hardware needs. If you are interested in supporting the FreeBSD Project, you might consider donating some piece of hardware on this list to the Project.

We provide the FreeBSD username of the developer who needs a resource, the country they are in (for shipping purposes), the equipment they desire, and the use to which that equipment will be put.

For information on tax deductions and process, please see the information on the main FreeBSD Donation Liaison office page.

If you would like to donate something on this list, please contact donations@FreeBSD.org.

On a general note, we need a variety of Sparc 64 machines for testing and improving our new Sparc port. Even small, old (or new!) Sparc 64 machines are perfectly usable. No matter which country you're in, we almost certainly have someone local who could use it. We could specifically use 1U rack-mounted Sparcs (such as E220R, E420R, Fire V100, Fire V120, or Netra T1 AC200) for our development and package-building clusters in the USA.

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Developer ID Developer Country Equipment Desired Equipment Use
anholt USA Intel i8xx integrated graphics hardware DRI porting and X maintenance
arved Austria 2 small VLAN-capable switches, e.g. Cisco 2940-8TT Reduce wiring in my flat. More Switchports for more testmachines
ceri UK SATA hard disk, 80GB+. Replace the failed half of my backup mirror
des Norway Any kind of authentication hardware (USB tokens, smart card readers, smart cards, fingerprint scanners, etc.) + documentation Develop and maintain support for hardware authentication
des Norway Fanless ATX power supply Reduce noise level in office / living room
des Norway Any USB device based on the Cypress CY7C637xx / CY7C640/1xx USB to RS232 bridge chip. Improve the ucycom driver
dfr UK Firewire bus analyzer, 1394b is preferable but 1394a is acceptable. debug and improve the performance of firewire, especially IP over firewire
glebiusMoscow, RussiaAn old SMP platform: PPro or PII or old PIII. One of those + collecting dust on your shelves. It may be without memory and + HDD, which I can obtain myself. It may be even without case.I need a real SMP hardware to improve locking in netgraph(4) + subsystem and perform testing of existent and future nodes.
grehan California, USA Apple G4 XServe rackmount PowerPC machine for developer cluster.
hmp United Kingdom Wireless Router (802.11b/g), and ideally two Wireless USB adapters. Experiment with wireless technology and to help my recent move to a new house.
hmp United Kingdom Books: Extreme Programming Explained (2nd Edition) and Planning Extreme Programming. Expand knowledge of extreme programming.
imp USA EISA-based pccard hardware Make EISA pccard driver work
imp USA 3Com Xjack wireless card make driver work
jake Canada 2 450MHz UltraSPARC II CPUs Faster sparc64 test machine
jake Canada Sun server or workstation with UltraSPARCIII CPUs, Blade 1000, Blade 2000, V280R, V480 or V880, preferably with 2 CPUs Sparc64 UltraSPARCIII support
jesper United Kingdom Well supported Gigabit Ethernet cards, preferably with 1000baseSX interface, but 1000baseT works too Network stack performance measurements / tuning
jkoshy India AlphaServer DS10 (1) Maintain applications (specifically Standard ML of New Jersey).
(2) Support hardware performance counter based profiling.
(3) Participate in FreeBSD/alpha development.
jkoshy India AMD x86-64 (Athlon64/Opteron) machine (1) Support hardware performance counter based profiling.
(2) Participate in FreeBSD/amd64 development.
jkoshy India Intel P-I/P-II/P-III or P-IV dual-processor machine/motherboard Add hardware performance counter based profiling to FreeBSD.
jmallett Honolulu HI, USA Sun Ultra5 or similar Test and develop on sparc64.
jmallett Honolulu HI, USA Relatively snappy, small Alpha machine Test and develop on Alpha, possibly work on Alpha support.
johan Sweden 17++ inch TFT monitor with both D-Sub and DVI-D connections. My current monitor is starting to give up.
jwd USA, North Carolina Cyclades TS800/1000 (or equivalent) Serial consoles for all hardware in the rtp.FreeBSD.org cluster
krion Germany, Duesseldorf Toshiba, Sony or IBM notebook with Intel processor 1 Ghz or higher, desirable with 256/512 RAM Ports development and testing
krion Germany, Duesseldorf TFT (17/19 inches) monitor My old monitor died 2 days ago, so it's quite bizarre to work with 15 inches very old monitor right now
krion Germany, Duesseldorf Reasonably fast i386 system, 2GHz+, 512+ MB RAM, 100+ GB HDD Ports development and testing.
lioux Brazil AMD K6 processor 450Mhz or higher. Network switch 10/100 Mbits. Network card Intel EtherExpress PCI 10/100 Mbits Get a K6 based machine back online and add it as an extra terminal to FreeBSD home LAN
lioux Brazil Books on the any of the following subjects: network protocol scheduling (bandwidth/transmission efficiency), process scheduling, scheduling theory in general, digesting (checksums, particularly fine grained checksumming for detection partial file corruption; e.g., tiger trees, sha1 trees), corruption detection and recovery (files, network protocol, etc), distributed processing (localization transparency, migration, redundancy, repartition, scheduling, message passing, shared memory, etc), peer to peer technology, device driver writing and operational system theory Improve my knowledge regarding operational systems and modern computer science challenges/technologies. For example, I want to write an improved downloading mechanism for FreeBSD distribution (ports and base) that supports graceful corruption detection/recovery, FTP/HTTP/other/it's own protocol, multi-part download, multi-server support, load distribution. Not all at once but in the long term. Most of this knowledge will be reverted to FreeBSD if I can
lioux Brazil BrookTree chipset TV Capture Card: either BT848 or BT878 (preferred) that already works with FreeBSD. adding BrookTree support to graphics/ffmpeg and several other video processing programs
marcel CA, USA Supermicro SuperServer 6113M-i. The machine is a 2-way Itanium 2 (Madison) machine in a 1U rackmount casing. Replacement machine for the BigSur I have now. The machine is based on the Intel E8870 chipset, which is very common but which we don't have among the active developers.
marcel CA, USA IBM xSeries 450. The machine is a 4-way Itanium 2 (Madison) based on the IBM XA-64 chipset. Package build machine in the FreeBSD cluster (aka bento). This machine in particular because of the unique chipset and the fact that it has 4 processors. This makes it an ideal machine for parallel package builds during normal operation and a validation box for release engineering.
marcus RTP, North Carolina, USA On behalf of the FreeBSD GNOME Project, I would like 1 or 2 amd64 machines and 1 UltraSparc II machine. All three machines should work under FreeBSD -CURRENT. Better GNOME support under FreeBSD on these architectures
markm Cambridge, UK Flexelint v8. (www.gimpel.com) (Semi-)automated code cleaning and cross-platform compiler needs cleaning.
markm Cambridge, UK A smallish laptop capable of running FreeBSD CURRENT Replacement for old Toshiba Libretto which is starting to fail. I use CURRENT on my laptop as that is the easiest way to check stability.
marks The Netherlands SMP machine Need a new build machine and want to get my feet wet with SMP. Architecture is not important as long as it is already supported by FreeBSD.
marks The Netherlands ACPI laptops (also for lend) (1) ACPI laptops that work, to test new code on.
(2) ACPI laptops that don't work, (to try) to fix.
mat France, Paris Toshiba, Sony, IBM or Dell ultra laptop (like Dell's Latitude X300 or D400, or IBM's X-series, that is the smallest and the lightest possible) with Intel processor 1 Ghz or higher, desirable with 256/512 RAM Ports development and testing
matusita Japan 2-3 build machines:Pentium4 2GHz+,20GB+ ATA66+ HDD,256MB+RAM, 100base-TX NIC,serial, etc. rebuild dying snapshots.jp.FreeBSD.org
matusita Japan FTP server:Pentium3/Celeron 1GHz+,10GB+ ATA66+ HDD,100GB+ storage (RAID0+1 desirable),256MB+RAM, 100base-TX NIC,serial, etc. rebuild dying snapshots.jp.FreeBSD.org
mbr Switzerland Network cards for RealTek 8129/8139 and clones, DEC/Intel 21143 and workalikes, SiS 900/7016 and clones, NatSemi DP83815/DP83820 and workalikes. I can give feedback if I still need the card. Fixed cards will go to the busdma project. Add support for unsupported and broken drivers.
mikeh VA, USA Cordless PS/2 keyboards/mice (especially Gyration and Microsoft wireless desktop products), or any other PS/2 keyboard mice, and KVM products that are not supported by FreeBSD. Improve PS/2 mouse/keyboard support in FreeBSD
mux France Network cards listed on busdma project page. busdma conversion of network cards
mux France An LCD or CRT screen (at least 17"), a KVM switch I only have one old 15" CRT screen and too much boxes...
mux France laptop with serial port live kernel debugging
obrien Silicon Valley, USA Up to 2 PC133 ECC DIMM's [for Sun Blade 100]. FreeBSD/sparc64 development and testing
obrien Silicon Valley, USA Pegasos II/G4 (http://www.ultraspec.com/hardware.htm) FreeBSD/PowerPC development and testing
obrien Silicon Valley, USA 1U or 2U rack-mount cases, with power supplies. Build into AMD64 reference machines for the FreeBSD.org cluster.
peter California, USA Rack mount AMD64 Opteron system. To make available on the developer cluster.
phantom Germany/Ukraine Reasonably fast SMP machine Improve scalability of JDK
phk Denmark Motherboard with VIA C5P cpu with AES support. I would like to add support in GBDE for using the blindingly fast AES support in VIAs cpus. From mini-itx.com: "Boards fitted with C5P Nehemiah core VIA processors include the EPIA MII 12000, and soon the MS8000E and MS12000, followed by the SP8000E and SP13000 next year and eventually the N5000E, N8000E, and N10000E."
rwatson MD, USA Replacement SGI 1100 motherboard. Used in SMP network performance testing; original motherboard is damaged and I need to find a replacement. This may be a Intel ServerWorks motherboard of some sort.
rwatson MD, USA Gig-E copper switch with monitor port Gigabit ethernet switch for SMP network performance work, preferably with a monitor port so that I can trace packet flows and identify packet drops, etc, from an inactive third party system.
rwatson MD, USA Dual-processor 1GHz or faster 1U rackmount box with 64-bit PCI Need an additional SMP testbox with 64-bit PCI for network stack locking performance work. Since this is going in a remote development environment accessible to multiple developers, needs to be 1U (or 2U). Must have either on-motherboard 64-bit PCI copper gigabit ethernet, or at least one 64-bit PCI slot.
sam USA crypto devices (pci, pcmcia, cardbus cards, CPUs with builtin crypto support) For improving hardware crypto support
scottl USA Laptop My Dell 8200 recently died. That was my primary platform for FreeBSD development and project activity. Without it I'm pretty much stuck. I'm looking for something along the lines of a Dell 8600 or IBM T42.
sos Denmark Serial ATA hardware: disks, controllers (including docs), cables, Serial ATA-ATA converters. Keep ATA support up to date.
tanimura Japan Any Japanese laptop (Preferably IBM Thinkpad A30 or A31). Replace a recently stolen IBM.
thomas France UDMA controller, ATAPI floppy drive, ATAPI tape drive Ensure these ATAPI devices work with ATAPI/CAM with the same level of functionality currently available with the afd/ast drivers.
tobez Denmark i386 system, 400+MHz, 256+MB RAM, 20G+HD Testing ports (mostly perl-related) on -current
will Indiana/Michigan, USA Network cards listed on busdma project page. busdma conversion of network cards
will Indiana/Michigan, USA On behalf of FruitSalad Project (based in Sweden), I'm requesting 1-2 sparc64 (UltraSPARC II) machines. The machines must already work on FreeBSD. Better KDE/FreeBSD support on this architecture.
trevor California, USA FreeBSD CD-ROMs, stickers, or any FreeBSD-related swag to give away at SCALE conference February 12th and 13th