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Project Goal

The Dingo project is a collection of work that needs to be done to clean up and advance the network stack. The overriding goal is to remove duplicated functionality while also adding new features that will make FreeBSD easier to use both for the network engineer and experimenter and for the first time user.

The Dingo project is closely related to the Netperf Project which is removing all the Giant locks from the various network stacks.

Project Tasks

- + + patch + has been committed.
Task Responsible Last updated Status Notes
ARP rewrite, layer 2 separation from FIB code   20041128 &status.new; luigi started but didn't finish. Mail Message Problem Report
Add IP_SENDIF. Get SO_BINDTODEVICE for next to free. fenner likes this   20041128 &status.new;  
Update TCP-MD5 support in FreeBSD.   20041128 &status.new;  
Refactor PF_ROUTE as a tag-length-value based ABI   20041128 &status.new;  
Rework code in FreeBSD's ip_icmp.c such that ICMP responses for forwarding can be throttled also. Call badport_bandlim() before icmp_error()?   20041128 &status.new;  
Take M_PROMISC from NetBSD.   20041128 &status.new;  
Refactor wi(4) to implement IFF_ALLMULTI in PPROMISC using M_PROMISC   20041128 &status.new; Refactor wi(4) to implement IFF_ALLMULTI in PPROMISC using M_PROMISC and if_ethersubr or 802.11 layer handling to throw out the promisc stuff which isn't needed. Or on any hardware without IFF_ALLMULTI
Make sure mlaier's multiple inaddr on same subnet change is A-OK   20041208 20041209 &status.head; A bug with handling netmasked aliases was discovered, and a - patch - is available for testing.
Import CARP from OpenBSD mlaier 20041203 &status.prototyped; Patches are available for testing. Needs coordination with ifconfigNG and maybe the ARP rewrite.
Get pff(4) house in order wrt M_PROMISC   20041128 &status.new;  
Make an(4) radiotap-aware. 80% DONE! Depends on task below   20041128 &status.new;  
Make an(4) net80211-aware (bringin NetBSD diffs from onoe).   20041128 &status.new;  
Bringin busdma vr(4) from netbsd   20041128 &status.new;  
Add radiotap support to acx(4).   20041128 &status.new; In touch with darron about the firmware redistribution issue
Import Benno's software AAL5 layer for native ATM DSL, bug him about it   20041128 &status.new;  
Port howl's autoipd and nifd to FreeBSD --> bsd-licensed full zeroconf...   20041128 &status.new;  
KAME tunnel code needs to be brought in line with the tunnel mib.   20041128 &status.new; (As in, if_type should be IFT_TUNNEL). This can probably be done for IFT_GIF but need review from ume/kame people.
Take sam's new ifconfig from p4   20041128 &status.new;  
We need to add features to gre(4). Use dev.* sysctls.   20041128 &status.new;  
Write a plugin for Sam's ifconfig   20041128 &status.new; RFC1701, RFC2784 Checksum+Offset Sequence number RFC1701 Key (for multipoint tunnel support) Other Path MTU Discovery
Investigate policy/classful routing as an option for FreeBSD.   20041128 &status.new;  
Nuke struct arpcom   20041203 &status.new; partially related to ARP rewrite
Generic mechanism to attach per-subsystem data to interfaces   20041203 &status.new; needed to clean up ng_fec and remove ac_netgraph from struct arpcom.
Remove struct ifnet from softc. brooks 20041203 &status.new;