diff --git a/handbook/isdn.sgml b/handbook/isdn.sgml index aa58835342ba..df4b0060634a 100644 --- a/handbook/isdn.sgml +++ b/handbook/isdn.sgml @@ -1,18 +1,21 @@ - + ISDN

Contributed by &a.hm;. -There is the bisdn ISDN package available from ftp.muc.ditec.de supporting -FreeBSD 2.1R, FreeBSD-current and NetBSD. +There is the bisdn ISDN package available from + +supporting FreeBSD 2.1R, FreeBSD-current and NetBSD. Currently all (passive) Teles cards and their clones are supported for the EuroISDN (DSS1) and 1TR6 protocols. The latest source can be found on the above mentioned ftp server under directory isdn as file bisdn-095.tar.gz. A majordomo maintained mailing list is available, to subscribe, send the -usual majordomo requests to isdn-request@muc.ditec.de. +usual majordomo requests to +.