lang/seed7: update to 05_20220130


lang/seed7: update to 05_20220130


  • An arc() function (to draw an arc) with a width (thickness) parameter has been added to the draw.s7i library. Many thanks to Zachary Menzies for pointing out that it was missing.
  • The new library tiff.s7i has been added. This library supports the TIFF image file format.
  • The new library ccittfax.s7i has been added. This library supports CCITT fax decoding as it is used in TIFF files.
  • The library zip.s7i has been improved to support reading zip64 archives.
  • A chapter about the type 'process' has been added to the manual. The chapter about case statements and other chapters of the manual have been improved as well.
  • Bit streams have been introduced and the huffman decoding has been improved. The run-time to extract a gzipped Seed7 archive with tar7 has been reduced to 46% (measured with gcc and valgrind). Other usages of the inflate algorithm (PNG, ZIP, etc.) also benefit from the improvements.
  • The compiler has been improved to:
    • Optimize overflow checks away for shift operations.
    • Optimize index checks for string operations.
    • Write an error message if an unsupported option is used.
    • Inline the string tail function.
    • Use parentheses to reduce C compiler warnings.
    • Improve optimizations of the bytes2Int() function.
    • Improve checking of division by zero.
  • The statistics of the Seed7 compiler (s7c.sd7) has been improved to count inlined functions, optimized index checks and optimized overflow checks.
  • In bitdata.s7i, the types bitStream, lsbBitStream and msbBitStream have been introduced. These types support the functions getBit(), getBits(), peekBits(), skipBits() and gets().
  • In bitdata.s7i, the functions openLsbBitStream() and openMsbBitStream() have been introduced to create lsbBitStream and msbBitStream values. With these functions, bit streams can be created with a file or a string as data source.
  • In bitdata.s7i the functions getBitLsb(), getBitsLsb(), peekBitsLsb(), skipBitsLsb(), getBitMsb(), getBitsMsb(), peekBitsMsb() and skipBitsMsb() with string als parameters are deprecated now. The functions with the types lsbBitStream and msbBitStream should be used instead.
  • In huffman.s7i the functions getHuffmanSymbolMsb(string, ...) and getHuffmanSymbolLsb(string, ...) are deprecated. The functions getHuffmanSymbol(msbBitStream, ...) and getHuffmanSymbol(lsbBitStream, ...) should be used instead.
  • Tests for getBit(), getBits(), peekBits(), skipBits() and gets() have been added to chkbitdata.sd7. This refers to tests with lsbBitStream and msbBitStream.
  • The program chk_all.sd7 has been adjusted to the changes in chkbitdata.sd7.
  • The functions in inflate.s7i have been improved to use lsbBitStream as parameter instead of the previous combination of string, bytePos and bitPos.
  • The library inflatefile.s7i has been removed. The functions from inflate.s7i can be used instead.
  • The library cpio.s7i has been improved to check if a CPIO header is the correct size.
  • The library bytedata.s7i has been improved to raise RANGE_ERROR if an empty byte string is converted to integer or bigInteger.
  • The library gzip.s7i has been improved to use lsbBitStream and the new functions from inflate.s7i.
  • The library imagefile.s7i has been improved to support TIFF images.
  • The library jpeg.s7i has been improved to use getHuffmanSymbol(msbBitStream) instead of getHuffmanSymbolMsb(stri, bytePos, bitPos, ...).
  • The library lzw.s7i has been improved to support the functions lzwDecompress(lsbBitStream, ...), lzwDecompress(msbBitStream, ...), lzwDecompressEarlyChange(msbBitStream, codeSize), lzwDecompressEarlyChange(msbBitStream, codeSize, requestedLength) and lzwDecompressMsbEarlyChange(string, codeSize, requestedLength).
  • The files bitdata.s7i, gzip.s7i, inflate.s7i, jpeg.s7i, zstd.s7i and chkbitdata.sd7 have been refactored to avoid 'bitStream' as variable name. The name 'bitStream' is now used as interface type in bitdata.s7i.
  • The Seed7 compiler has been improved in comp/arr_act.s7i, comp/bin_act.s7i, comp/bst_act.s7i, comp/const.s7i, comp/flt_act.s7i, comp/int_act.s7i, comp/intrange.s7i, comp/literal.s7i, comp/prc_act.s7i, comp/rfl_act.s7i, comp/set_act.s7i, comp/stat.s7i, comp/str_act.s7i and s7c.sd7.
  • Checks for bytes(), bytes2Int(), the right shift operator and division by zero have been added to chkint.sd7.
  • Checks for bin64 shift operations have been added to chkbin.sd7.
  • Checks for index access to an empty array have been added to chkarr.sd7.
  • Checks for bytes2BigInt() have been added to chkbig.sd7.
  • In array.s7i the declaration of the times operator has been simplified.
  • The program pv7.sd7 has been improved to support TIFF files.
  • Casts have been added to dll_win.c and libpath.c to reduce C compiler warnings.
  • In error.c the error message for a failed declaration has been improved.
  • In str_rtl.c the performance of strHeadSlice() has been improved.
  • Unused variables have been removed in several files of the compiler.
  • In int_rtl.c the functions intBytesBe2Int(), intBytesBe2UInt(), intBytesLe2Int() and intBytesLe2UInt() have been changed to raise RANGE_ERROR if the string is empty.
  • In big_rtl.c and big_gmp.c the functions bigFromByteBufferBe() and bigFromByteBufferLe() have been changed to raise RANGE_ERROR if the size is zero (the buffer is empty).
  • The files drw_win.c, drw_x11.c, drw_drv.h, drwlib.c, drwlib.h and primitiv.c have been changed to support the action DRW_PFARC.
  • Definitions for the function XSetLineAttributes() have been added to fwd_x11.c and x11_x.h.
  • In the program chkccomp.c the detection of the division by zero behavior and the remainder by zero behavior has been improved.
  • Documentation comments have been improved in bstring.s7i, bytedata.s7i, bitdata.s7i, null_file.s7i, process.s7i, strifile.s7i and biglib.c.


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